Honoring Veterans Who Honor Their Oath to the US Constitution, While DoD Goes Rogue

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Whistleblower is honored to hear from MSG Jack Dona, US Army (Ret), who served 4 decades in the US Military as an intelligence and electronic warfare officer with combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and whose father, uncle served in Korea, Vietnam, and two brothers who served in more recent US military combat operations. It is a proud tradition of a family who served God and country with duty honor courage and commitment.  MSG Jack Dona is representative of many thousands of veterans across our country whom we remember on Veterans’ Day, and to whom we owe a debt of gratitude beyond measure for their sacrifices to defend the freedom we have enjoyed all these years. 

Until America’s humiliating defeats in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan due to politicians refusing to fight a war to win and using our troops as pawns in a political game, the US military traditionally had operated under a high standard of ethics, morality and rules of engagement

But today, that code of ethics and rule of law as well as our freedom, are all under assault by our own government and Department of Defense high command.  The failure to follow UCMJ and Constitutional guarantees reached a catastrophically damaging peak under the Biden Administration COVID mandates and shadow policies of persecuting, harassing and purging from the military those who stand for the rule of law under our US Constitution and UCMJ. 

When the Department of Defense, which is not mandated under the Constitution, enact policies that flagrantly disobey US law, they are going rogue.  Clearly, when the DOD disobeys laws and tramples upon the Constitutional rights of service members and threatens the security of the American people by decimating our military fitness and readiness, then our Senators and Representatives in Congress, such as Senator Tuberville need to exercise their Constitutional authority to call it out and put a stop to such.  All of our Congressional members need to join Senator Tuberville in reigning-in the Department of Defense unlawful actions that are in effect harming all Americans.

 A Military that acts above the law is one step away from a coup d’etat.  In fact, the sitting Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, appointed by Joe Biden does not even have a valid, properly executed Oath of Office to have the authority to take these actions. Congress needs to investigate these DoD violations of law and determine whether criminal and/or charges of treason are necessary. There is only one Supreme Law of the Land in the US: our Constitution.  Not the DoD.

Additional background on the volunteer retired military veterans CONELRAD Team in Arizona and their work to expose the US Border crisis and to improve our election integrity, spearheaded by Colonel Don W. Jenkins US Army (Ret) and MSG Jack Dona, US Army (Ret).  Below are recent articles published or contributed to by us, and members of the CONELRAD Think Tank:

1. The Washington Pundit: June 13, 2022, Is A New World Order Army Being Built at the Border [Opinion]?

2. The Washington Pundit:  January 21, 2022, Warning! The Federal Government is Stealing our Freedom by Circumventing State Legislatures (Opinion)

3. The Washington Pundit: February 2, 2022, Arizona’s Intergovernmental Agreements: County Ineptitude or Planned Government Tyranny?

4. Wendi S. Mahoney: February 8, 2023, The Chinese Spy Balloon: A Gross Failure of the National Command Authority Op-Ed


5. KVOI AM -1030, Winn – Tucson: Interviewed by Kathleen Winn on KVOI, Tucson “The Voice”  https://serve.castfire.com/audio/4128742/4128742_2023-06-08-171842.128.mp3; https://www.kvoi.com/onair/winn-tucson

5. The Washington Pundit: September 15, 2023, COVID-19 Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) and a Future Pandemic Will Make Xavier Becerra the Most Powerful Man in the US  https://twpundit.com/2023/09/15/covid-19-intergovernmental-agreements-igas-and-a-future-pandemic-will-make-xavier-becerra-the-most-powerful-man-in-the-us/

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