WEAPONS OF TERROR: 9-11Attacks and COVID-19 Shots

On this 22nd anniversary of the terror attack on American soil September 11th 2001 that cost over 3500 lives that day alone, we remember those who died and those injured, as well as those who suffered long-term health consequences working at Ground Zero –many of whom died prematurely of damage from the toxic exposures during the massive clean-up.

Landmark DoD Lawsuit Stopped Planned Use of Force for COVID Injection Mandates

Military service member Staff SGT Dan Roberts knew that COVID was a low risk illness to healthy and fit military. When the mandates came down for all military to be forcefully vaccinated against their will and against regulations in the UCMJ and US Constitution, he courageously volunteered to be the lead plaintiff in the first lawsuit against the Department of Defense.

COVID SHOTS VERDICT: “No Evidence of Safety OR Effectiveness”

The VERDICT is in. Covid shots have no evidence of safety OR effectiveness, as meticulously documented in the international expert WITNESS STATEMENT OF Dr. Pedro Morago from the UK, which concludes: “From the data available, there is no sufficient evidence that FDA and MHRA have conducted a rigorous, critical appraisal of the evidence of efficacy/effectiveness and safety of COVID-19 vaccines with explicit reference to the key criteria of External Validity, Internal Validity and Reliability.

Andrew Schlafly: Legal Warrior Against Medical Tyranny of DoD, FDA and Medical Boards

Department of Defense is the target of this latest lawsuit to defend the human rights of our volunteer military service members against the unlawful mandate to be injected with experimental COVID gene therapy prototype shots. Todd Callender, Esq and Andrew Schlafly, Esq and their legal team filed on August 17, 2023 for an En Banc hearing of their case, Robert v. Austin against the Biden Administration Secretary of Defense.


As a result of the documented level of deaths, serious disabilities and skyrocketing cancers, heart attacks strokes and autoimmune diseases caused by the COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticle injections, Nick Caturano, Florida medical freedom activist and founder of GoofyVaccine.com and other medical freedom warriors across Florida have launched a new initiative to file criminal complaints with the goal of immediately stopping the access to and administration of the COVID mRNA injections and for Florida Sheriffs to confiscate all COVID-19 mRNA injection supplies from all vaccination facilities across the state. Their action steps aim to protect innocent children and adults from further injury, harm or death.

mRNA COVID Shots: A Giant, Dangerous, Fantasy

Toxic by design, the COVID shots were known to cause disability and death long before they were unleashed on the world. Listen to Pharma Insiders expose more about what was known and when they knew it, and why millions of people around the world are “walking time bombs” of damage going on inside their bodies that is leading to the epidemic of “sudden death.”

Vaccine Report: WHO Aims for Global Totalitarian Control of Our Lives

Sunday, May 21, 2023, marked the beginning of the World Health Organization’s aggressive final assault on freedom for the people of the world, as WHO convened their World Health Assembly for the final push to become the world’s policeman on ALL “health” matters (or anything they decide is related to health) for ALL life on the planet: human, animal, plant and even the “health” of our climate.