Dr. McCullough: ‘Medical crisis’ is being exploited to push global government

Originally Published at Life Site News BATH, England (LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Peter McCullough on Friday sketched what he believes is the true purpose of an induced COVID “medical crisis”: global world government. “What we’re seeing now is the utilization of vaccines as an inroad to global human compliance. Subjugation of the entire world’s population at …

Dr. Peter McCullough Stop the Mandate

COVID-19 Can Be Stopped Without Massive Vaccination: Dr. Peter McCullough

Original Article By Harry Lee and Steve Lance @ The Epoch Times COVID-19 can be stopped without massive vaccination, renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told NTD’s “Capitol Report” program during the “Defeat the Mandates” march in Washington D.C., on Jan. 23. According to McCullough, early treatment and natural immunity are safe and effective against COVID-19, but …


Join American Doctors & Nurses In Bringing America Home

Published January 23, 2022 By Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Peter McCullough, MD, MPH speaks at the Stop the Mandates rally in Washington, DC, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, January 23, 2022.

DrPeterMcCullough on InfoWars with Alex Jones

Dr. Peter McCullough’s Presentation on InfoWars with Alex Jones

Dr. Peter McCullough joins Alex Jones live in studio to give his powerful presentation on the COVID virus, its mutations, and the mRNA gene therapy/viral vector injections. Segment 1 – Intro In this segment Dr. Peter McCullough touches on the public policy decisions in response to Covid-19 that have resulted in mass death, and the …

Dr. McCullough Recent Interviews: COVID Vaccines

The Erosion of Trust in Medical Science Iceland vax failure, early treatment controls Delta variant and our natural immunity is robust, broad and durable:

Failure of Vaccines and Truth Revealed

July 19, 2021 The McCullough Report The HMS Queen Elizabeth reported an outbreak of 100 COVID-19 cases among 3700 fully vaccinated, socially distanced, and masked sailors. The lessons are clear for the military: they should reserve testing for only sick sailors and not put any stock on the vaccines as they clearly have failed. Guests: …

Ill-Conceived COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Program Could Be Catastrophic

July 12, 2021 The McCullough Report A paper by Acevedo from Santiago Chile reported on the Lambda variant outbreak in Peru, which looks like it clearly occurred due to indiscriminate vaccination using the whole killed SARS-CoV-2 Sinovac (Coronovac) vaccine. With this as a backdrop, we continue to have a need for early multidrug treatment for …