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Faith Over Fear – 2.20.24 – Border Invasion:  The Reality of the Organized Invasion and Violent Threats We Face

WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT Speaker: Jim Houck, who is currently working with Lt. Col. Pete Chambers, D.O. in Operation Lone Star to protect the Texas border with Mexico, joins us to present a first-hand “boots on the ground” update on the invasion of America with the flood of illegals across our borders.  He will explain the major threats …

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COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign

Originally Published at: Abstract Our understanding of COVID-19 vaccinations and their impact on health and mortality has evolved substantially since the first vaccine rollouts. Published reports from the original randomized phase 3 trials concluded that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines could greatly reduce COVID-19 symptoms. In the interim, problems with the methods, execution, and reporting …

Whistleblower Report – 02.21.24 – Vaccines As Agents of Surveillance

Today’s Whistleblower Report addresses the shopping topic of the ways in which vaccines have been designed by the government to be used in surveillance of people in ways the public is not aware of, and which invades our medical and personal privacy. Our experts are international attorney, Todd Callender, Esq. and his legal researcher, Lisa McGee. In their words: “It has become quite clear that vaccines are significant components in a complex system of operational responsibilities, each with a very distinct presence and purpose. None of them are to protect against a disease and/or “virus”.

Intentional Invasion at America’s Border, Local Sheriff Pushes Back!

Two thousand twenty-four (2024) Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord, America’s future as a Constitutional Republic hangs by a fragile thread, our future as a sovereign nation is threatened like never before, the rule of law and our very lives are jeopardized in ways we have not faced in our modern history. Civilized society’s and even humanity’s existence is under dire threat.

Pilot Whistleblowers Expose 9/11 Truths

In an expose that few have heard, former military combat and commercial aviation pilot Capt. Dan Hanley discusses the US Government cover-up of the truth about the 9/11 attacks as a result of years of expert analysis by pilot whistleblowers, architects and engineers and legal experts.

The GREAT TAKING: Steps to Preserve Your Property Part II with David Rogers Webb

David Rogers Webb, author of The Great Taking, continues his discussion of the changes to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and other legislation that have put into law the provisions for legalized stealing of most of the assets WeThePeople think we own. These provisions take effect in the event of insolvency of a financial institution (bank, brokerage, depository, etc.) or any other entity that controls private property on your behalf. The entities controlling our property (such as stock shares) are the secured creditors and we are merely “”beneficial owners” who will be paid only after secured creditors are paid. People do not realize this taking of your assets is done automatically, free of payment to you, & with legal certainty and no recourse for you. These existing changes to the UCC have already been tested in court and upheld on appeals.

The Great Taking: You Really Own NOTHING

The 50-year conspiracy to subvert all of our private ownership rights into a collective ownership without our knowledge is detailed in David Rogers Webb’s book The Great Taking and David Webb joins the international Whistleblower Report team today to discuss the details of how we have arrived at this point where none of us really own the private property we think we hold.