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Truth for Health Foundation announces new Citizens’ Vaccine Injury Reporting System

Press Conference was held Wednesday, April 13th at 12pm noon Eastern. FILE A REPORT HERE: At a news conference held on Wednesday April 13 at noon ET, Truth For Health Foundation announced the launch of a global Citizens Vaccine Injury Reporting System (CVIRS)TM –in English, Spanish, and Chinese—for those harmed by the Emergency Use Authorized …

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The COVID crime

Dr James Lyons-Weiler, an American scientist discredited by big pharma and the government, is adding his voice to what many of us reporting on COVID have been considering. Lyons-Weiler writes on his substack, “Hospital protocolists sticking to the strict hand-me-down highly profitable “COVID protocol” may have doomed a majority of admitted COVID-19 patients to death …

WHO’s Three Pillars of Global Control Are Upon Us

The World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing hard in their desperate grab for global control through their International health regulatory “treaty.” Once signed by countries of the world, WHO solidifies its vise of totalitarian, global control through the WHO ONE HEALTH agenda that decides the “health” options for ALL life on the planet—human, animal, plant, and even the “health” of the climate.

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Faith Over Fear – 5.30.2023 – Memorial Day 2023 Reflection: Will We Turn Back to God and Restore America? Or Face A Requiem for Our Republic?

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.,President and CEO, Truth for Health Foundationand Daughter of the American Revolution On Memorial Day 2023, we honored the fallen and paid our respects to our nation’s heroes. I particularly want to remember the 13 marines killed in Afghanistan, abandoned by our own Government in the abrupt surrender of Afghanistan to our …

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Government characterizing Christians as Nazis

The biggest threat to your Constitutional guaranteed right of religious freedom is the very entity that is supposed to uphold freedom of religion—the Federal government. In particular, the Biden Administration is continuing the hostile policies of the Obama Administration toward Christians and conservatives through its administrative authorities. A recent investigation by the Media Research Council …

Memorial Day 2023: Turn Back to God or Face Requiem for America

Today, we honor the fallen and pay our respects to the nation’s heroes. Your sacrifices are never forgotten. I particularly want to remember the 13 marines killed in Afghanistan, abandoned by our own Government in the abrupt surrender of Afghanistan to our enemies. May all of our fallen Rest In Peace. You are never forgotten Semper Fidelis.

mRNA COVID Shots: A Giant, Dangerous, Fantasy

Toxic by design, the COVID shots were known to cause disability and death long before they were unleashed on the world. Listen to Pharma Insiders expose more about what was known and when they knew it, and why millions of people around the world are “walking time bombs” of damage going on inside their bodies that is leading to the epidemic of “sudden death.”