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  1. Tony Thedford says:

    This report seems to say that the Delta variant is more dangerous and is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.. which is the opposite of what Dr. McCullough and other frontline doctors are saying. So which is it? Less or more dangerous? Are the vaccinated also getting infected approximately at the same rates as the unvaccinated with Delta?

    1. Delta variant according to carefully analyzed data from several countries is LESS dangerous, but spreads more easily. This is “virology 101” – viruses tend to mutate (change) naturally into forms that spread easily but are less lethal. This is clearly what is happening with the Delta variant based on ACTUAL DATA. But Delta variant FEAR-MONGERING is being used to drive people with fear into getting the experimental shots. The DATA actually shows none of the vaccines are effective against the Delta or other variants – again, exactly as expected by virologists, immunologists and scientists in the vaccine field. But the public is being told the opposite. Our team presents the medical facts, which actually are common sense. You have to decide whom to believe.

      1. Tony Thedford says:

        Thank you Dr. Vliet for clearing that up. I was surprised to see the ASM report posted above seemingly supporting false claims and spreading fear based on lies.

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