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Pythagoras in the 5th century B.C., five hundred years before Christ, wrote “The physician’s task is to teach men and women the physical and spiritual laws of life and to live in accordance with God’s purpose for them.”

Our Medicine and Ministry United initiative focuses on restoring the wholeness and harmony of physicians, pastors, priests and rabbis working together for their congregations and the larger communities they serve to relieve suffering and promote wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Medicine and Ministry have only been “separated” into two disparate disciplines for a few centuries — since the time of Rene Descartes in the 1600s when this French mathematician and philosopher proposed his theory of “mind-body dualism.” Prior to Descartes, down through human history, Healing and Religion were traditionally seen as an integrated approach between physicians and priests.

FACT SHEET: Click here for a one page fact sheet about Medicine & Ministry United.

Inspirational Songs

  • A resource to inspire and uplift you, from The Truth for Health Foundation Medicine and Ministry Team

    Medicine and Ministry United

    We encourage you to watch: Before The Wrath For over 2,000 years Christians have been awaiting the return of Jesus Christ. As recorded in John, chapter 14, verse 13, Jesus promised, “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am

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  • Sir William Osler, MD – Wisdom We Must Heed

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    Some insightful quotations by Sir William Osler, one of the four founding physicians and faculty of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Osler emphasized listening to and carefully examining the patient, learning at the bedside caring for people who were sick, not “diagnosis codes” and insurance-driven “protocols.” The priniciples taught by Sir William Osler were the hallmark

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  • Stop the Shot – Pregnancy and Fertility Risks

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    Get the Pregnancy and Fertility Fact Sheet to learn about the unprecedented risks posed by the shot for young people and pregnant women with no significant offsetting benefit of protection for themselves or others.

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    Catholics for Preservation of Life | Medicine and Ministry United | News | Vaccine News

    July 29, 2021, Andrew Torba, Gab.com IMPORTANT: DOWNLOAD COVID VACCINE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION DOCUMENTS HERE – Gab News “I have been receiving dozens of direct messages on Gab over the past week with people from around the country sharing the horrors from inside the United States Military and their places of employment regarding “mandatory” non-FDA approved

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  • 12,383 Reasons (to date) Why I will not be Inoculated

    Medicine and Ministry United | Vaccine News

    August 16, 2021Father Peter Heers (Orthodox Christian priest)(~ 40 min, YouTube) Join Fr. Peter Heers, Orthodox Christian priest, author, speaker, translator & publisher from his Greek mountain village as he explores the distinguishing characteristic of being a Christian: The Orthodox Ethos. ——————————– “In this presentation I, an Orthodox Christian Priest and Professor of Theology, will

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  • Pastor Stephen Broden discusses COVID vaccinations and role of churches in STOP the SHOT!

    Media | Medicine and Ministry United

    August 4, 2021; Truth for Health Foundation(~ 5 min; Rumble) Pastor Stephen Broden: Truth for Health Foundation Board of Directors member, Founder and Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship, Dallas, TX; Executive Director, Content of Character Series, Co-Founder of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, discusses the role of the Church and possible risk of

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  • Rev. William Cook presents a Call to Action to churches in STOP the SHOT!

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    August 4, 2021; Truth for Health Foundation(~ 2 min; Rumble) Rev. William Cook, Founder of America’s Black Robe Regiment, member of the Truth for Health Advisory Council, and Medicine and Ministry United initiative, presents a Call to Action to churches concerning COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

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  • “Covid Shot Home Visits are Unconstitutional and Unethical”…AAPS

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