Whistleblower Report – 04.12.24 – COVID Crimes: UK Policeman Files Criminal Complaints

Courageous, forceful, persistent, relentless, and outspoken describes Mark Sexton, retired Birmingham UK policeman who has been relentless in seeking accountability for the UK Government criminal actions against the British people carried out under the COVID pandemic deception. Mark, along with former Pfizer VP and whistleblower, Dr. Mike Yeadon who provided an expert opinion letter, has filed massive amounts of evidence with the Metropolitan Police in London to support charges of terrorism by the British government against the UK public during the COVID tyranny. 

Whistleblower Report – 03.27.24 – Landmark Medical Freedom Victory: FDA Loses War on Ivermectin

In a major Medical Freedom Victory for Dr. Paul Marik and co-plaintiffs in lawsuit against FDA, the FDA announced March 22, 2024 in a “Stipulation of Settlement” with the plaintiffs, it was rescinding all of its warnings about the use of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 in exchange for the plaintiffs agreeing to drop the lawsuit.  Read more at this link for the “Stipulation of Settlement:” In exchange for the plaintiffs agreeing to dismiss their case against the FDA, the FDA has agreed to the following conditions that included removal of ALL negative social media and website posts about Ivermectin.

Whistleblower Report – 3.6.24 -Missing Pieces of the Puzzle: What Are the Federal Agencies’ COVID Cartel NOT Hiding?

On February 28, 2024 US Senator Ron Johnson led a 4 hour roundtable event entitled “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding”.  This was clearly a roundtable with some of the top experts across many professional fields from several countries.  In today’s Whistleblower Report, our international team of experts discusses the missing pieces of the puzzle that no one addressed in the entire 4-hour hearing, which are all critical to understanding ALL that was being hidden by our Federal agencies in the US and other governments around the world. 

Whistleblower Report – 02.23.24 – V-Safe Free Text Data Reveals Massive C19 Shot Damage

V-Safe Free Text Data Reveals Massive C19 Shot Damage. Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer VP and now whistleblower joins Dr. Vliet and Andrija Klaric, investigative journalist from Croatia to discuss the CDC cover-up of the devastating damage reported in the V-Safe text message reports from COVID-vaccine-injured individuals that was just released February 15 2024 under …

Intentional Invasion at America’s Border, Local Sheriff Pushes Back!

Two thousand twenty-four (2024) Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord, America’s future as a Constitutional Republic hangs by a fragile thread, our future as a sovereign nation is threatened like never before, the rule of law and our very lives are jeopardized in ways we have not faced in our modern history. Civilized society’s and even humanity’s existence is under dire threat.

The GREAT TAKING: Steps to Preserve Your Property Part II with David Rogers Webb

David Rogers Webb, author of The Great Taking, continues his discussion of the changes to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and other legislation that have put into law the provisions for legalized stealing of most of the assets WeThePeople think we own. These provisions take effect in the event of insolvency of a financial institution (bank, brokerage, depository, etc.) or any other entity that controls private property on your behalf. The entities controlling our property (such as stock shares) are the secured creditors and we are merely “”beneficial owners” who will be paid only after secured creditors are paid. People do not realize this taking of your assets is done automatically, free of payment to you, & with legal certainty and no recourse for you. These existing changes to the UCC have already been tested in court and upheld on appeals.