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TFH is supportive of safe and effective vaccines that are properly developed and fully approved and tested with proper safety monitoring post development.

TFH encourages patients to have individual risk/benefit discussions with knowledgeable physicians to determine recommended medical options suitable for each person to reduce their risk of COVID-19 illness.

TFH calls for an independent safety monitoring oversight board and ethics committee for the new experimental COVID gene therapy biological agents (which are being called “vaccines” in contradiction to the CDC definition of a vaccine)

TFH is against violation of the US Constitution and federal and international laws that prohibits forced/coerced/mandated use of experimental biological agents that are being pushed on the public without adequate informed consent.

TFH stands against the suppression of accurate safety information, and calls for the adequate full presentation of risks and benefits so that the potential patient to receive a vaccine can be fully informed for their decision-making. 

TFH will continue to educate and present the latest data and research about all vaccine safety information on a rolling basis, as we receive it from global experts.

TFH supports patients’ customary religious exemptions for vaccinations and argues against any curtailing of these customary religious exemptions for vaccination.

TFH as a faith-based organization stands FOR maintaining sensitivity for the sanctity of human life. The use of aborted human fetal tissue in the testing and/or manufacturing of vaccines not only challenges this principle to varying degrees depending on denomination, but also is insensitive to the needs and constitutionally guaranteed rights of Americans of faith. To provide for the most inclusive use of safe and effective vaccines, TFH stands FOR high-quality trustworthy research into safer, non-aborted, human cell derived vaccines as being explored through John Paul II Medical Research Institute and Cellular Engineering Technologies under the leadership of Dr. Alan Moy.


Monoclonal antibody IV infusions are available as a federally-funded therapy for high-risk COVID -exposed patients and those with COVID illness. It does not cost the patient, since it is a tax-payer funded program. It does not require private insurance coverage.


Get the Pregnancy and Fertility Fact Sheet to learn about the unprecedented risks posed by the shot for young people and pregnant women with no significant offsetting benefit of protection for themselves or others.


“You must get the shot so you don’t infect, spread or endanger others.” FALSE.

  • Most people already have immunity to COVID and don’t know it.  Six times more people have gotten COVID and recovered from it as people have been tested positive for it. 

We now know asymptomatic spread is FALSE. IF it happens at all, it is less than 1% of spread ([1],[2]).  SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is no exception to basic principles of viral illnesses.

  • IF you get sick with COVID, you avoid spreading it to others by common sense precautions.
  • The experimental shots may slightly (<1%) reduce COVID infection but with significant risks.
  • There are proven prevention and treatment options to reduce the risks of COVID.  

“The CDC says the COVID-19 vaccines are safe – just like getting Polio and Measles vaccines.” FALSE.

  • The COVID-19 vaccines are all experimental.  Claiming the vaccines are ‘safe’ violates FDA rules (Title 21 section 312.7).
  • The emergency use authorization released the COVID shots to the public with only two months of clinical trial safety testing. YOU are now the experiment for long-term effects.
  • Polio and Measles vaccines were extensively tested for years before release. They are very different biochemically from experimental COVID vaccines; and they target pathogens with a low rate of mutation.      

“The vaccine is safe for pregnant women, and young people of child-bearing years.” FALSE

  • The COVID-19 vaccines were not studied in pregnant women or young people.
  • The vaccines’ lipid nanoparticles concentrate in women’s ovaries, causing inflammation damage that can lead to irregular bleeding, irregular cycles, and risks to fertility.
  • Spike proteins generated by the body in response to the 4 genetic vaccines attach to the ACE-2 receptors in heart, brain, intestines and many organs, but especially male testes. Spike protein damage can cause damage to sperm and testosterone production–risks to fertility.
  • When the body produces antibodies to the spike proteins in response to the genetic vaccines, data shows a cross-reaction making antibodies to a critical natural protein (Syncytin) the body need to form a placenta to support successful pregnancy. This is a serious risk to fertility, and can lead to miscarriages and death of the developing baby.

“The recent reduction in COVID fatalities proves the vaccines are the best defense against COVID.” FALSE.

  • COVID deaths have been greatly reduced because of early treatment. Data shows deaths, hospital and ICU admissions were already decreasing in November, December 2020, early January 2021 before vaccinations were rolled-out.
  • COVID deaths have also been greatly reduced because of wide-spread natural immunity.

“Vaccination is necessary to protect against COVID variants, such as “delta.”.   FALSE

  • None of the available COVID shots in the United States protect against the Delta variant, or any other variant. They are only effective against the initial Wuhan virus from early 2020.
  • Data from Israel shows that the COVID vaccines are not effective against the Delta variant.

  • All of the above reasons against vaccine mandates in general apply to COVID-19 variants.
  • The delta variant, is more infectious (i.e., more easily spread), but it is less serious than the early Wuhan-type, has mild effects and does not cause the serious illness seen with the early Wuhan virus.
  • The hospitalization data from the UK shows that hospitalizations went down and remained flat (green line in figure below) even as the number of delta variant cases increased dramatically.

[1] Z.J. Madewell, et.al., “Household Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis”, Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open, Dec 2020.

[2] M. Gau, et.al., “A Study on Infectivity of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Carriers”, NIH PubMed, May 2020.



Medical experts recommend that those people who were EXCLUDED from the drug company clinical trials for the COVID shots should NOT RECEIVE any type of COVID shot.  For these EXCLUDED groups, there is NO effectiveness OR safety data to guide your decision, so you have no ability to make informed consent. Excluded groups include:

  • Childbearing age and pregnant women; children and Adolescents under age 12, nursing home patients.
  • People who had COVID or suspected COVID recovered; people with positive antibodies for COVID. These groups are already immune,  do not need vaccination and risks of serious adverse reactions are much higher.
  • People with past allergic or other adverse reactions to vaccines.  
  • People with allergies to PEG (polyethylene glycol). mRNA vaccines use PEG to stabilize lipid nanoparticles.

About 70% of people have antibodies to PEG, which can cause a life-threatening reaction (anaphylaxis).

What was the BENEFIT of the COVID shots in the drug companies’ clinical trial studies?

  • No evidence of reduced spread to others.
  • No evidence of reduced hospitalizations of reduced deaths.
  • Reduced frequency of COVID-19 infections; but chance of Covid infection only <1% even with placebo.

What RISKS, SIDE EFFECTS, and COMPLICATIONS are being reported? (Go to www.OpenVAERS.com)

  • Heart damage, called “myocarditis” in young people. Not a “mild” effect – can lead to heart failure and death
  • Fever, headaches, fatigue, weakness and muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, rash, blood clots, deaths
  • Abnormal bleeding, menstrual problems in girls, testicular pain/inflammation in boys
  • Miscarriages; deaths of mothers, deaths of nursing babies after mother vaccinated
  • Hospitalization and deaths – due to allergic reactions, heart attacks, neurologic injury, and blood clots


  • ALL of these are blood tests, available from clinical labs across the United States
  • Check your immunity for COVID (SARS-COV-2 antibodies – both types) and www.T-Detect.com

III. FACTS to consider before you take experimental genetic vaccines, or “jab,” still in clinical trials.   Genetic shots are either mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) or adenoviral DNA (AstraZeneca, J&J). These are not like vaccines you have had before. NOT FDA-approved, only being used on Emergency Use Authorization.           

  • Normal vaccines inject an inactive virus or protein in your arm and your body develops immunity.
  • The genetic COVID-19 vaccines trick your body with mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) or adenoviral DNA (J&J, AstraZeneca) into making the spike-protein in the organs of your body in an uncontrolled way in order to provoke an antibody reaction. It is this generation of spike protein that leads to inflammation and thrombosis (blood clots) in susceptible people in unpredictable ways.
  • Evidence shows genetic material and the spike proteins generated by the vaccine penetrate ovaries, brain, spinal cord, nervous system, heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys, and also cross the placenta in pregnant women. But the degree of distribution around the body has not been studied, which urgently needs to be done.
  • Toxicologists argue that observed and potential toxicities are a “class effect” with all 4 gene-based products.
  • NO ONE KNOWS ALL the risks and side effects, or how long the adverse effects may last. Some experts are concerned that being exposed to the virus again may trigger worse illness than if you were never vaccinated.