The McCullough Report

Without Protection from Pharmaceutical Laws, Vaccines Will Do More Harm

July 5, 2021

The McCullough Report

We have regulations in the pharmaceutical and device industry to ensure that medical products are safe and effective. The principles used are embodied in “regulatory science,” which is a complicated discipline and represents the interface between companies, research organizations, universities, our US FDA, and you, the medical consumer. Presented in this discussion: flattening the curve with early treatment in India; where the mRNA vaccines go in your body; regulations and ethics concerning vaccines; and regulatory malfeasance.

Guests: Mr. Anmol Ambani; Anthony Kyriakopoulos, MD, Ph.D;
Ms. Stacy McIntosh; Mr. Steve Kirsch

Without Protection from Pharmaceutical Laws, Vaccines Will Do More Harm – America Out Loud

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  1. Deborah Ferkler says:

    Can you point me to link where someone stated on August 4th townhall I watched where vaccinated people getting covid still is not allowed to be reported since May 2021 please. I need this so I can add to our groups fighting this in each state with GINA act, bill of rights and constitution, DOJ vs Walgreens etc. this might help a lot that they aren’t allowed to report any data on vaccinated getting covid

  2. This was a decision by the CDC in early May 2021 to STOP recording data on the any outbreak of illness in vaccinated people. ONLY Covid illness in UNVACCINATED people has been tracked in the USA since the beginning of May. To claim that the current outbreak of COVID illness is a “crisis of the unvaccinated” is simply not true. It deliberately skewed the data to totally one-sided When CDC stopped tracking COVID illness in vaccinated people.

  3. Mary J Nelson says:

    I did not trust the CDC for years.
    In 2021 I make sure I check any info they put out against what others like Dr. McCullough are doing and advising.
    Then I decide how much I want to follow that advice.
    I do like Ivermectin even though it MAY not be perfect.
    FDA doesn’t like it. All the more reason to use it.

  4. sylvia tucker says:

    How do I contact someone to purchase early detection for covid meds? I will NOT take experimental vaccine

  5. sylvia tucker says:

    I need an alternative to the covid vaccine. I have underlying conditions and would like to purchase early covid meds. I will not take vaccine, please send information on contac Thank You & God bless

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