The aggressive push for people to take experimental shots has no place in our Churches and other Catholic institutions. Your decision to take, or not take an experimental vaccine should be between you and your doctor who can advise you on your individual medical risks, and also discuss other options for preventing COVID.

People being coerced into taking the experimental shots are not being provided the information such as found in our fact sheet on vaccine risks and alternatives, necessary to make medically and morally informed decisions.

PLEASE LET US KNOW , in the form below, about any Parishes or other Catholic organizations in your area that are pushing people to get vaccinated and/or hosting vaccination centers (your name and email are optional).

ARE YOU WILLING LEAD a peaceful Stand for Truth against a vaccine center at a Catholic institution near you? It’s SIMPLE!

  • Identify a location on public property near the center (e.g. the sidewalk adjacent to the entrance).
  • Have copies of our one-page fact sheets to hand out to people.
  • Alert people to these two points:
    • The shots are experimental and have known dangers and unknown long-term risks.
    • There are simple and effective treatments that, for most people, are safer than the experimental shot.
  • Stand your ground. Stand with courage, even if the police are called. You have a First Amendment right to peacefully provide information people deserve to know before getting injected with an experimental shot.

Thank you for standing up and helping us prevent houses of worship being co-opted to become agencies of the government as vaccine centers.