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FAITH OVER FEAR – 8.8.23 – Food as Medicine & Treatment Options YOU Control

As the news constantly bombards us threats of new “pandemics,” and we have experienced the failure of our medical system during COVID to provide truthful information and treatment to help people facing viral and other illnesses, our message for this progam is that YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS OVER YOUR HEALTH!

God has given us MANY tools to support, protect and heal our bodies from many sources of damage: COVID vaccine injury, health risks of 5G, the latest viral “pandemic”, vaccine injury, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other health threats.

Our program will focus on TREATMENT OPTIONS YOU CONTROL with options for nutraceuticals, food choices, physical & mental conditioning, and the foundation for all of us in strengthening our faith to overcome fear.


Kathy Kresnik, Director of Health and Resilience and Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, Preventive and Climacteric Medicine

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