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Program Description

The fight for medical freedom continues to escalate every day and is ramping up on multiple fronts with Truth for Health Foundation squarely in the center.  We are working tirelessly and urgently to educate, advocate for, and help individuals across many fields—medicine, science, private and federal employees, and military service members and their families—all of whom who are experiencing medical censorship, egregious government and private employer interference with our core Constitutional human and civil rights secured by law at state, federal and guaranteed by the United States Constitution. In a very short time, our work in securing medical freedom has become much larger than just medical censorship legal defense.

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Our Initiatives

Pythagoras in the 5th century B.C., five hundred years before Christ, wrote “The physician’s task is to teach men and women the physical and spiritual laws of life and to live in accordance with God’s purpose for them.”

Our Medicine and Ministry United initiative focuses on restoring the wholeness and harmony of physicians, pastors, priests and rabbis working together for their congregations and the larger communities they serve to relieve suffering and promote wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Medicine and Ministry have only been “separated” into two disparate disciplines for a few centuries — since the time of Rene Descartes in the 1600s when this French mathematician and philosopher proposed his theory of “mind-body dualism.” Prior to Descartes, down through human history, Healing and Religion were traditionally seen as an integrated approach between physicians and priests.

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Our Mission

Catholics for Preservation of Life serves the mission of the Truth for Health Foundation by promoting the sanctity of life and our spiritual and physical health from conception to natural death. 

CPL has a particular focus on emerging health issues and dispelling misinformation and fear that cost lives and undermine our spiritual and physical health.

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What is Hormones & Health?

Our Truth for Health Foundation initiative focuses on the unique foundation of MALE and FEMALE biology and uses a gender-based model to provide integrated, individualized medical, surgical, wellness and psychosocial educational and treatment options for women and men from puberty to late life to (1) reduce disease risk factors and (2) treat underlying disorders to help prevent progression of illness and enhance the quality of life.

Our initiative includes ethnicity in assessing risk factors, unlike most protocol-driven evaluation-treatment models.

Program Description

Resilience for Health encompasses all aspects of health that make us able to live fully in this world: mind, body, spiritual self as well as our relationships and our connections with the environement around us – social and physical. Truth for Health Foundation offers experts in all of these fields who are providing educational and support programs for health professionals and the public. Contact us at if you are interested in learning more about our services.