Vaccine mandates have no place in our Catholic institutions.

Below is an example letter that you can copy into an email and send to your Pastor, Bishop or other leaders.

You might also consider leading a peaceful “Stand for Truth” at Catholic institutions that are mandating the experimental shots.

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Dear ____________,

This letter urges you to support rights of conscience and informed consent by renouncing any form of vaccine mandate.  This letter also presents critical information that you may not know, and without which you cannot be well-informed about the issues surrounding vaccine mandates.   

Vaccination mandates, whether explicit or implicit (by placing unscientific and punitive restrictions on the unvaccinated) have no place in our Catholic institutions (in this letter the use of “mandate” implies both explicit and implicit mandates). 

Vaccine mandates violate the medical ethics principle of autonomy – that each person should be permitted to make the health decisions best suited for their particular circumstances – the protection of this individual good is actually the basis of the common good.  In fact, as demonstrated in what follows, mandating the experimental vaccines violates all four pillars of medical ethics; violates Catholic social principles; denies individual rights of informed consent and conscience; and opens the Church to liability.

If the basis for your position on the experimental vaccines is limited to mainstream media reports and (regrettably) CDC statements (for example on myocarditis in the young), you are being deprived of information you urgently need to guide your institution on this issue. 

There is a substantial and growing body of knowledge demonstrating the lack of necessity of universal vaccination, and the serious health risks happening with the experimental vaccines. 

Please review the information found in the FACTS pages under the “Vaccine News” tab at  It demonstrates:

  1. Vaccine risks are greater than portrayed by the media.
  2. Most people, when provided with balanced information, will find there is not enough benefit from the experimental vaccines to justify the risks and unknown long term effects.
  3. Universal vaccination is not necessary for public health.
  4. There are well established means of early treatment that, for most of the population, are a safer option than the experimental vaccines.
  5. All of the available vaccines use in various ways human cell lines derived from aborted babies. (See the Charlotte Lozier Institute for more information). There is no compelling public health necessity for vaccination to justify over-riding a persons’ moral objection to participating in an anti-life technology.

You owe it to your institution and the people you serve to carefully study this information and be fully informed about the harm that is done by vaccine mandates.

You might also be guided by personal advisors who are biased toward the experimental vaccines.  Truth for Health will be more than happy to connect you and/or your advisors with one of the many expert physicians, attorneys, and scientists who can speak to options for managing COVID based on successful early treatment options; the growing list of documented and potential health risks of the experimental vaccines; and, the harm and associated legal liability that comes with mandating the experimental vaccines.   



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