Truth for Health Foundation™ is the Trade Name registered with the State of Arizona in 2021 (click here to view the Arizona certificate) for the original 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in Arizona in 2007 under the name Straight Truth About Hormones Foundation, Inc. The Foundation was conditionally approved by the IRS as a non-profit in 2007, and the Foundation received its full IRS approval as a tax-exempt public charity January 19, 2008, EIN 20-8961711. (click here to view the IRS approval letter). The IRS regulations require that name changes be filed with IRS as part of the next Form 990 following the name change.  Form 990 for 2021 will be filed on schedule in May 2022, and will include the name change registered with the State of Arizona in 2021 when the original Foundation was re-activated and services expanded.


We envision a world where people choose their path to live fully as human beings according to the physical and spiritual laws of life as God designed us.


To provide truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information and cutting edge updates on prevention and treatment of common medical conditions, including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, that affect health, quality of life and longevity.

To present faith-based integrated approaches to medical treatment, health and healing services that encompass all dimensions making us human: physical, psychological/emotional, spiritual, social and environmental.

To advocate and provide legal defense of basic human and civil rights related to preservation of life, the right to bodily integrity, health and quality of life, medical freedom, and securing the autonomy of the doctor-patient relationship and the ability to engage in unconstrained professional medical decision-making tailored to the needs of the individual person.


Truth for Health Foundation is a physician-founded 501(c)3 public charitable Foundation incorporated in the state of Arizona, USA. We are dedicated to following the Oath of Hippocrates to serve individual patients to the best of our ability and judgement and to uphold the highest standards of medical ethics.

Foundation Officers, Directors, and Staff are grounded in Judeo-Christian principles of honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, compassion, humility and commitment to preserving God’s gift of Life as we serve our patients and communities.

We strive to honor God and Jesus Christ in all we do as we conduct business, and to follow Biblical principles exemplified in Jesus’ Healing Ministry throughout the New Testament as we implement health programs for the people we serve.

We are a Christian organization serving people of all faiths, as well as those who do not follow a faith tradition.

Medical and Scientific Advisory Council

President and Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D,
Preventive and Climacteric Medicine

Chief Financial Officer
J. Thomas Wadkins, III.

Consulting Executive Director
Nancy Dean

Director of Business Development and
IT Services
Josh Madsen

Director of Health & Resilience
Kathryn A. Kresnik

Chair, Medicine & Ministry and
Chair, Vaccine Injury Support Program

Major Mike Gary

Executive Assistant Gladys McGraw

National & International Advisors
Dr. Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., UK
Chief Scientific Advisor

Mr. Hedley Rees, UK
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Dr. Jonathan Gilthorpe, Ph.D., Sweden
Assoc. Prof, Cell & Molecular Biology

Andrija Klaric, Business Advisor, Croatia
Investigative Journalist

Roger Meacock, UK
Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Janci Lindsay, PhD.
Molecular Biology and Toxicology

Dr. Alan Moy, M.D.
Biotechnology Vaccine Advisor

Dr. Stephen Sammut, PhD.
Neuroscience Advisor

Dr. Paul E. Marik, MD, FCCM, FCCP
Critical Care Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH
Cardiology, Epidemiology Advisor

Dr. Harpal Mangat, M.D.
Internal Medicine Advisor

Lt. Col. (Ret) Peter C. Chambers, D.O.
Special Operations Flight Surgeon

Dr./Sister Deirdre (DeDe) Byrne, MD
Col (Ret); Surgery and Family Medicine

Dr. Richard Blumrick, MD, FACOG
Maternal Fetal Medicine Advisor

Dr. Peter Breggin, MD
Forensic Psychiatry Advisor

Dr. Raphael Sticker, MD
Reproductive Immunology

Ms. Ginger Ross Breggin
Research Advisor


Original incorporation name: Straight Truth About Hormones Foundation, Inc. dba: Truth For Health Foundation 

IRS Exemption Letter effective date: April 20, 2007.

Founding Director and President: Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD                

Founding Director: Gordon Cheesman Vliet

Current Officers:  Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. – President and CEO

         J. Thomas (Tom) Wadkins, III – Vice President, Operations

Consulting Executive Director

Nancy Dean

Foundation Contacts: Voice 520-777-7092  Fax 520-797-2948

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 64507 Tucson, AZ 85728