• HEALTHY SPIRIT: A Letter From Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

    Health and Resilience | Healthy Spirit

    “We cannot fragment our healing efforts by declaring them medical or spiritual but recognize only the total synchronizing process of healing, for the goal is wholeness and harmony”  – Alexis Guirdham For your health journey, As you seek to understand all that has happened to drain your energy, zest, vitality and well-being, I share ancient

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  • Tips to Manage Stress Better

    Health and Resilience | Healthy Body | Healthy Mind | Healthy Spirit

    Watch this short video to learn how stress affects your body… STRESS: TIPS TO MANAGE IT BETTER! STRESS. It is ubiquitous for all of us. In fact, if we were truly “stress-free”, we’d be dead! So the goal is learning to manage the daily stresses in our lives better, and not letting stress build up

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