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MILITARY REPORT: A Soldier’s Continued Damage From Unlawful COVID Mandates

PFC Derrick Wynne remains strong in the fight against DoD politics and bureaucracy to clear and correct his military record after the damage caused by the unlawful Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Under federal law, Congressional action to rescind the Covid-19 shot mandate should have resulted in correcting the military service record for every military service member damaged with punitive comments and less than Honorable Discharges. But the DoD has not complied. Most of our military are still experiencing retaliation, punishment, and suffering the continuing consequences of a General or Dishonorable discharge that prevent service members from accessing benefits meant for veterans, such as the GI Bill, medical care at the VA, and more. Being able to use these veterans’ benefits requires an Honorable Discharge,

Finally! Air Force Major Restored to a “Clean Slate”

USAF MAJ Aaron Elliott endured severe persecution and adverse actions, including official letters of reprimand in his otherwise exemplary record due to his application for exemption from the COVID shots.

Today’s Whistleblower Report explores the hard work and persistence it took to clear his record and emerge with finally a “clean slate” from all the damage that had been done: one Letter of Reprimand involved a 2,500 page-Rebuttal. He submitted two separate complaints to the Inspector General, three Whistleblower Reprisal Complaints, three Military Equal Opportunity Complaints, and three Congressional Inquiries conducted on his behalf against his chain of command. He also submitted a Religious Accommodation Request Appeal to the Secretary of the Air Force and another memo detailing discrepancies between the Air Force’s religious regulation and the Department of Defense’s Instruction on Religion.

Military Report: Airman Exposes VA’s Punitive Tactics With Unlawful Mask Orders

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) obsession with unlawful Covid-19 mandates continue to punitive service members and veterans. TSgt Same Cooke reveals the VA’s draconian and punitive enforcement of these illegal mask orders. Sam challenged them on the legality of the mask mandates, and that led to multiple armed VA police officers literally acting as “mask police” at point-of-entry, which continues to this day. Sam was given an ultimatum: 1) remove his cloth mask and use a disposable mask issued by VA security, 2) wear both masks or 3) leave the building to seek healthcare elsewhere. Sam learned to his shock that VA policy trumps US law in federal statutes.

Military Report: Biden’s Gargantuan Fraud on COVID Mandates

The illegality of mandates is confirmed explicitly in that law, i.e., the “option to accept or refuse,” and are also supported by 21 CFR 50.25 and the 2005 DoD EUA precedent for anthrax vaccine that was also an illegal mandate eventually overturned by the courts and subsequently led Congress to enact added federal legislation to protect America’s military from future similar abuses – all of which have been ignored in the management of the COVID pandemic and unlawful mandates using EUA products deceptively foisted off the military and civilian public as “approved” for COVID.

Military Report: Whistleblowers Expose Mask Mandates Based on Lies

How were the mask mandates used to control people and destroy freedom? What are the dangers and health threats of wearing masks all day at work? What can you do to stand against the mask tyranny employers impose on people? How do you, as one individual, help with specific steps that help advocate for everyone affected by these unlawful mask mandates? These questions answered…