The purpose of the Medical Freedom Fund is to provide grants to support legal expenses for physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, families of hospitalized patients denied effective treatment, military and federal employees threatened with dishonorable discharge, termination of employment or other punitive measures when acting within their civil rights to request exemption from the experimental COVID vaccines who are pursuing legal action to restore their human and civil rights. Other individuals who experience other egregious violations of “human and civil rights secured by law” will also be considered.

Medical censorship is the greatest danger to truth for health that any of us physicians have experienced in our careers. This is especially true when we have critical life-saving medical and scientific data on escalating deaths and devastating medical risks of these experimental COVID shots that we are morally, legally, and medically duty-bound to release to the public to help save lives.

Truth for Health Foundation absolutely will take all appropriate legal action to defend our officers, medical and scientific advisors against all such threats to silence our voices and interfering with our MISSION and responsibilities as we volunteer our medical expertise to serve the public good. Lives are at stake. We will not be silenced.

The Medical Freedom Fund is not meant to provide comprehensive legal funding for any single individual. The Fund provides partial financial support in the form of grants or loans as outlined below to defray the cost of legal and ancillary expenses for legal action necessitated interference with core individual Constitutional and civil rights to present medical information, choose or refuse medical treatments, and other forms of interference with medical freedom.

The level of support granted is contingent upon available annual funding, and a use for the funds requested that conforms with the criteria below.

Note: The Foundation cannot accept individual contributions that are designated to a particular individual or case as this would not be considered a charitable contribution under IRS guidelines. Selection of grant recipient also must comply with IRS guidelines for an impartial and transparent selection process. The level of support granted is contingent upon available annual funding, and uses that conform with the Use of Funds criteria

APPLICATION: Click here to download PDF of Medical Freedom Fund Application Form

SCOPE OF OPERATIONS: Click here to download PDF of Scope of Operations