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The Attack on Scientific Dissent Becomes Ever More Brutal

“In this ‘Age of Lysenkoism,’ the approach is to use the hysterical media to go on the attack, to smear, and blame the skeptics who question failed policies and mandates, for the very failure of the policies and mandates that were implemented. It has gotten to a point now where the media has garnered near zero credibility and the public believes near zero in terms of what the media prints. ”

Rescuing Covid Patients from Death

Rescuing Covid Patients from Death From Dr. Breggin’s Introduction: “Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD is an outstanding physician, a force in the ethical and scientific treatment of COVID-19. She recently started the public charity, Truth for Health Foundation, and has already taken on some of the most difficult medical tasks in the world today—rescuing COVID-19 patients from death at the …

MY Story

I really do hope that you can help me to try and save any pregnant mothers that we can from being coerced in(to) this

August 19, 2021 Hannah Damary-ThompsonOperations Director at Eden Lea Rail I am desperately trying to reach out to all well-known influencers and truth speakers following a deeply disturbing and upsetting incident that I experienced this afternoon.  I am currently pregnant and today had my first antenatal appointment at Scunthorpe hospital; I was completely caught off …


Dr. Roger Hodkinson discusses COVID vaccines and medical tyranny on STOP the SHOT!

August 4, 2021; Truth for Health Foundation(~ 4 min; Rumble) Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MA, MB, B.Chir. (Cantab), FCAP, FRCPC, a leading Canadian pathologist, graduate of Cambridge University, Chairman of an American Biotech company in DNA sequencing, discusses COVID-19 vaccines and medical tyranny.

Provocative Video! How Mass Fear Used to Control You

August 8, 2021 (~ 22 min, YouTube) This MUST WATCH video from Academy of Ideas helps you understand what we have been living through around the world since January 2020. With powerful visuals and simple explanations, it explores the most dangerous of all psychic epidemics–the mass psychosis and how it is achieved by those in …

Truth for Health Foundation Statement on the Baylor-Scott & White lawsuit against Dr. Peter A. McCullough, the Foundation’s Chief Medical Advisor:

Attempting to silence the Chief Medical Advisor of a public charity foundation by retaliatory and intimidating lawsuits for speaking to the public directly interferes with and threatens the core MISSION of OUR PUBLIC CHARITY which has a duty to serve the public good with truthful medical information. As President of the Foundation, I have a …