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Compulsory Vaccination and Forced Quarantine Camps in Arizona?

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The 2005 International Health Regulations (Agreement) signed by all of the world’s countries, provided that in the event of a declared global pandemic, all human, constitutional, and charter rights guaranteed by each country were to be suspended with the World Health Organization in control of the solution. This legal framework was set into motion in March 2020 when the WHO declared a global pandemic.

DrLee4America interviews international attorney, Todd Callender, who founded Disabled Rights Advocates, and is the attorney of record on the Department of Defense lawsuit against vaccine mandates for the US Military. In this show, Callender lays out the historical and legal framework setting the stage for the Arizona Governor’s executive orders to implement the “Australia Plan” of forced quarantine camps and compulsory vaccination in America.

How does this global paradigm translate to the local state level in the USA? Attorney Callender explains the link between the Executive Orders issued by Arizona’s Governor and Inter-agency Government Agreements (IGAs) passed by many Arizona counties in order to receive federal funds for “quarantine facilities” and increased or compulsory vaccination of citizens, with plans for these programs to be carried out by law enforcement, National Guard and military. This show is crucial to understand what is happening under the radar and what individual citizens can do at the local level to avoid Australia’s medical tyranny that may be coming to Arizona and could impact the rest of the United States.

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