EXCLUSIVE: The Federal Government Is Tracking Unvaccinated People Who Go To The Doctor And To The Hospital Due to CDC-Designed Surveillance Program

Originally Published @ The National File by Patrick Howley ‘There is interest in being able to track people who are not immunized or only partially immunized’ The U.S. federal government is tracking people who decided not to get the COVID-19 vaccine injection, according to bombshell federal government records and video exclusively obtained by NATIONAL FILE. According …

Whistleblower Report – 06.17.24 – People Rise Up: Explosive Hearing in Philippines, Japanese Minister Apologizes for COVID Shot Damage

Around the world, governments are turning a blind eye to the massive death and destruction of health caused by the COVID shots: sudden deaths in all ages, constant illnesses, myocarditis, brain damage and seizures in children, late stage aggressive Turbo cancers in all age groups, rising Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders, explosion of autoimmune disorders, infertility, miscarriages and stillborn babies. The COVID shots have been a medical disaster for people of all ages, all ethnic groups, and all of the countries with high vaccination rates.

Exposing United Nations Tentacles to Strangle Freedom

The WHO Pandemic Treaty appears to be failing passage, but our Whistleblower Report team focuses on the even more urgent message that the tentacles of the United Nations are far more dangerous to world freedom than even the WHO international health regulatory agreements.  Even if the United States and other countries leave the World Health Organization now, the more sinister and nefarious United Nations initiatives discussed by our experts are still solidly in place with their horrifying assaults on humanity. This United Nations agenda of death must still be defested if humanity is to survive. The many tentacles already deeply embedded in our lives are the subject of today’s show.

Whistleblower Report – 05.11.24 – “Global Health Security:” COVID Playbook of Intentional Damage Redux

Media has focused on fear-mongering about Avian Flu, while those fighting topreserve medical freedom have been sounding the alarm bout the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the threats to liberty it poses, the United States Government has a plan to seize control of the “Global Health Security Agenda” following the same playbook and orchestrated propaganda used to create the COVID tyranny and destruction of lives and economic stability around the world.  With $30 billion dollars of tax-payer money, the US government plans a worldwide cross coordination with 70 governments and US agencies like HHS, DoD and USAID taking the lead to solidify the global power grab. 

Whistleblower Report – 04.26.24 – Healthy Football Coach Victim of Hospital COVID Death Protocol

Leslie Batts, a stay-at-home mother and loving wife is trying to pick up the pieces after her husband Paul Batts died in October 2021 from the deadly hospital COVID protocols. Paul was a healthy, strong, 45-year-old community football coach and a loving father to his 8-year-old son. Paul had no pre-existing medical conditions and no physical limitations. He was an energetic man that had a lot of life to live and more to share with others in the many ways he gave to his community. Today’s Whistleblower Report is Paul’s story and his wife’s courageous local actions to help prevent such a horror for other families.

Whistleblower Report – 04.22.24 – Rogue Military Chain of Command Operates Above the Law

The military continues its unlawful practices that it employed so heavily during the “COVID emergency.” Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) reigns supreme in today’s Department of Defense. Pentagon Brass and high-level command leaders across all branches of the US military have become focused on following political agendas as gospel above the Constitution. The military seems to be forever changed with no hope of bringing it back to the most respected institution in the nation as it once was.  It is a difficult admission to many veterans and patriots, as it feels like the military sold its soul to the devil. 

Whistleblower Report – 04.12.24 – COVID Crimes: UK Policeman Files Criminal Complaints

Courageous, forceful, persistent, relentless, and outspoken describes Mark Sexton, retired Birmingham UK policeman who has been relentless in seeking accountability for the UK Government criminal actions against the British people carried out under the COVID pandemic deception. Mark, along with former Pfizer VP and whistleblower, Dr. Mike Yeadon who provided an expert opinion letter, has filed massive amounts of evidence with the Metropolitan Police in London to support charges of terrorism by the British government against the UK public during the COVID tyranny.