Military Report: CBRN Officer Fired & Investigated for Religious Exemption

Department of Defense persecution of Christians in the US military continues even after the end of the unlawful mandates for the experimental COVID shot.

Today’s Whistleblower Report is the story of a 25-year career Army National Guard Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Officer and certified experienced HAZMAT Technician and former Deputy Commander and Executive Officer for the CBRN Response Force Package and WMD-Civil Support Teams.

He was fired from the National Guard and was persecuted with an investigation and now threatened removal of his security clearance –all as a result of filing a Religious Accommodation request to avoid injecting his body with the gene therapy shots tainted with aborted fetal cell lines.

This is the continued weaponization of our federal agencies against Americans of faith, as we have heard the recent testimony of courageous FBI and other whistleblowers.

America, these are your experienced military people who defend us against WMD threats who are being purged.

When will we stand together against this EVIL assault on our freedom and national security?

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Image: Reuters

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