Finally! Air Force Major Restored to a “Clean Slate”

USAF MAJ Aaron Elliott endured severe persecution and adverse actions, including official letters of reprimand in his otherwise exemplary record due to his application for exemption from the COVID shots.

Today’s Whistleblower Report explores the hard work and persistence it took to clear his record and emerge with finally a “clean slate” from all the damage that had been done: one Letter of Reprimand involved a 2,500 page-Rebuttal. He submitted two separate complaints to the Inspector General, three Whistleblower Reprisal Complaints, three Military Equal Opportunity Complaints, and three Congressional Inquiries conducted on his behalf against his chain of command. He also submitted a Religious Accommodation Request Appeal to the Secretary of the Air Force and another memo detailing discrepancies between the Air Force’s religious regulation and the Department of Defense’s Instruction on Religion.

Maj Elliott describes the whistleblower retaliation he experienced when the Air Force abruptly and against his wishes transferred him to the Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) that provides no pay, no benefits, and no credit for time served. Fighting that retaliation was a massive effort – his rebuttal was 29,000 pages! That Rebuttal bought enough time for him to be saved by the Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction for Air Force plaintiffs.

But clearly, this was a long ordeal, and time spent defending the rule of law could have better served our Country using the skills and experience developed over years of taxpayer-funded training.

In a tragic twist to the COVID vaccine saga, Maj. Elliott’s Flu Shot Religious Accommodation Appeal –clearly allowed under the UCMJ and US Constitution—was denied by the Surgeon General of the Air Force; he was coerced into taking a flu shot that landed him in the Emergency Room due to complications. His chain of command showed an alarming lack of compassion and a lack of apology for the incident. This last story clearly tells us that the fight for bodily autonomy is far from over and that much military personnel in leadership positions lack the capacity for leadership, critical thinking, and discernment. This battle continues to be fought in the courts, and we must keep the pressure on with continued legal action.

Maj Elliott is a multi-disciplined officer in various specialties such as intelligence, international affairs, and space operations, and he also has qualifications as a weapon of mass destruction first responder. Major Elliott also reports what happened to him after the unlawful DoD mandates to take the experimental Covid injections.

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Image: Reuters

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