Whistleblower Report – 05.01.24 – J6: Weaponization of US Government Against the American People

By Major Mike Gary, US Army Reserves CBRN Officer; and Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, Physician and CEO Truth for Health Foundation

On 17 April 2024, four DC National Guardsmen testified in defense of their former commander Major General (MG) William Walker who testified March 3, 2021 before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that the Secretary of the Army had delayed 3 hours in giving the DC National Guard the approval to respond to the Capitol situation that developed on January 6, 2021(J-6).

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The Pentagon, through a December 2021 Inspector General (IG) report, had placed blame on MG Walker and the DC national Guard for the delayed response. By telling the truth about the three-hour delay in authorization, MG Walker revealed dereliction of duty by Secretary of the Army and the Pentagon’s General Milley. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund was pleading for help that day, and he was denied by General Milley’s failure to approve the DC National Guard emergency response with the Rapid Deployment Force standing by and ready to engage. 

The Inspector General’s report is filled with false statements about J6, and served the political agenda of covering up the truth about the government’s role in the events of that day.  An IG report should be an objective investigation on the facts of any investigation without bias. As we have seen on many fronts since the Biden team came into power in January 2012, our government no longer follows laws, regulations and emergency response protocols if they do not fit the politically-driven agenda and propaganda “optics” being carried out by those seeking to undermine our Constitutional Republic and solidify totalitarian control.

Col Earl Mathews wrote his own report rebutting the IG findings and sent it to Congressman Barry Loudermilk, the chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight. Col. Mathews’ report is reported in the Politico article linked below.

Col Mathews describes numerous lies told by senior Pentagon generals that were repeated by the Inspector General’s report. One of those such lies was LTG Walter Piatt using the phrase, “Bad Optics” for the National Guard to be seen protecting the Capitol. LTG Piatt denies he ever said that, even though the four DC National Guardsmen heard it said otherwise.

Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund can validate that the term “Bad Optics” was used to either deny or delay the National Guard response on J-6.  Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund was pleading for help that day, and he was denied.  The Army has a negative track record for often being absent when they are needed most, just like the failed Afghanistan pull-out that Americans haven’t forgotten!

Colonel Mathews stated the following as part of his testimony at the April 17 2024 Subcommittee on Oversite:

“When I say these general officers lied I do not do so lightly or cavalierly. I speak from personal knowledge having interacted with them on January 6 in my official military capacity.

Unfortunately, some senior officials within the Department of the Army and Department of Defense have sought to protect, or promote, Generals Flynn and Piatt. These senior civilian officials have excused, condoned, or overlooked the misconduct of these officers.

I submitted a document saying that these men were liars and I stand by that, 100 percent and its a stain on my Army that they got away with … that nobody said anything about it.

And they even sent Piatt to the President of the United States to have him promoted! He is a liar! And all of us can attest to that.”

As Major Mike Gary pointed out, there is a saying in the military, “Screw up, move up.”  It is a stain on the honor of the US military that this saying reflects an abundance of truth in the way the military promotes officers.

Command Seargent Major (retired) Michael Brooks gave one of the most powerful testimonies of all presented on April 17 2024 Subcommittee on Oversight. His testimony and explanations of J6 events were quite damning for the Secretary of the Army, Pentagon and senior Army staff.

As the senior advisor to all the enlisted soldiers in the DC Army National Guard, he has the pulse of the soldiers. In his testimony, you hear the clear desire of the enlisted soldiers to fulfill their DUTY, support the Capitol Police and save the Capitol. In contrast you have the political priority of the senior officials which was avoid “bad optics” and allow total failure and escalation into riots that led to innocent civilians injured and dead that day.

Command Seargent Major (retired) Michael Brooks stated the following in his testimony April 17 2024 hearing before the Subcommittee on Oversight:

“Trust in our Army’s most senior leadership was lost. Their actions and comments have highlighted the Army Staff and the Secretary of the Army’s lack of knowledge and understanding of the DC National Guard, its authorities, and capabilities. Prior to the protests following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, I do not believe any of them understood just how unique the DC National Guard is and the responsibility that is delegated from the President to the Secretary of Defense and further delegated to the Secretary of the Army. I believe it is this lack of understanding that led to the significant delays in the military response on January 6, 2021.

I will not sit here today and say if we had been given the authority to immediately respond when Chief Sund, the Chief of the Capitol Police made that first frantic call for support at 1:49 PM, that we would have prevented the breach of the capitol. What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that we had a force equipped and ready to respond and despite the inaccuracies found in the DoDIG report, we had a plan and would have liked the opportunity to try. Instead, we waited for hours just two miles east of the capitol building absolutely frustrated, knowing our capitol had been breached, and not understanding why we had not received the authorization to respond”

Military CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) expert MAJ Mike Gary discusses what traditional National Guard responses to National Special Security events (NSSE) should be using traditional military protocols and procedures. Major Gary was the Deputy Commander of the CBRN Enhanced Response Force Package unit that was on standby for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration in support of the DC National Guard that year.

Major Gary has intricate and detailed knowledge on how the National Guard plans and executes these missions in support of civil authorities. He also explains how the Active Army branch of the military has no expertise in this area and should not be a part of the decision making on such NSSE events, and definitely not in the role of delaying prompt response by the National Guard.

The failure of a timely DC National Guard response highlights either total incompetence or a more nefarious, calculated agenda to allow the riot to progress. There is no other explanation possible for the violation of normal response protocols.  If there was an intention to allow the Capitol to be breeched that day, it certainly played out like a perfect military/intel shaping operation.

Major Gary explains what a military “shaping” operation entails and how this occurred on J6. In a memo dated January 4, 2021 the Secretary of the Army removed MG Williams response decision-making ability in a highly unorthodox action. Then the Secretary of the Army conveniently disappeared,  and was unable to be reached during the crucial hours on J-6 and unavailable to authorize the DC National Guard to respond.

In his entire 26-year career in the Military, Major Gary has never seen such questionable leadership action with it playing out over a 3-hour period–180 minutes of failure, when seconds counted. This needs to be investigated with unbiased authority and a leader should be fired over this catastrophic failure that led to preventable injuries and deaths of civilians. 

Major Mike Gary highly recommends listeners/readers use the timeline he created in the National Travesty: Intentional Deception and Tactical Errors on J-6 podcast/article to help better navigate the events on that day.

Weaponization of our government and our military against the American people is a chilling scenario that ALL Americans need to unite and stand against, and demand accountability by our elected officials.


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