Whistleblower Report – 05.03.24 – LEGAL VIOLATIONS: “We the People” Warn Lawless Bureaucrats

By Major Mike Gary, US Army Reserves CBRN Officer and Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD

In our fourth year of the tyranny of Covid-mandate madness, two Gladiators for human rights and Constitutional freedoms—Captain Bahig Saliba and Lt. Mark Bashaw—continue to inspire others to take action—and lead the way with strategies for others to implement.

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Both men were initially whistleblowers who petitioned their employers—American Airlines and the US Army—to cease and desist from the unlawful COVID mandates. Both men filed Affadavits and legal complaints demanding their employers provide informed consent, cease coercive measures such as onerous frequent testing with the fake diagnostic test called PCR, and stop the unhealthy masking requirements, and end the mandated dangerous COVID injections.

Capt Bahig Saliba and LT Mark Bashaw continue to challenge the rogue bureaucrats to force illegal COVID requirements on employees, the US military, and the general public.  Capt Saliba’s current fight is serving the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) Aeromedical Chief (Susan Northrup) with a notice to investigate the new medical standard created by American Airlines COVID-shot mandate. The Airline required all pilots to receive the EUA-authorized COVID shot in violation of the normal FAA guidelines to avoid use of experimental new drugs. By requiring the COVID shots, the airlines essentially created a new medical standard set by the arilines themselves, not the FAA, which is a violation of long-standing FAA regulations set out in the Federal Aviation Act.

Capt. Saliba’s website points out on his website at www.pilotgateway.com:

“Slowly, a clear picture was emerging. For 38 years the FAA never demanded any treatment. Surely the FAA would not want to create a deficiency for pilots, and there are already rules addressing medical deficiency. Why would the airlines do that and by what authority? I had recent involvement in general aviation as an instructor and was familiar with the basics. Rule 14 CFR §61.53 gives the pilot the authority needed to make health decisions respecting acting as pilot or pilot crew member. Restricting breathing and all the policies that my airline created did not make sense and was in direct contradiction of the regulation. At the right moment, I invoked my authority over my medical certificate and that did not sit too well with the airline.”

Capt Saliba’s goal is to get the FAA to move in one of two ways: (1) either temporary suspension pending an investigation of the COVID shots or (2) revoking the authorization to use the experimental COVID shots altogether. Either action by the FAA would send a strong message to Big Pharma and also to the Military Industrial Complex that unlawful mandates for experimental products that jeopardize the safety of the flying public will not be tolerated.

LT Bashaw’s current battle, after being involuntarily discharged from the US Army as a Preventive Medicine officer after the filed legal complaints against the unlawful COVID masking, testing, and “vaccination” mandates in the Army, is with the city of Newburyport, Massachusetts. He sent Mayor Sean Reardon a notice in the form of an Affidavit of Truth.  Reardon’s violation was displaying the “trans” flag on public property.  LT Bashaw’s statement of fact begins with this description:

         “On 23 March 2024, I sent Mayor Sean Reardon of Newburyport, Massachusetts a NOTICE of CEASE and DESIST for his scheduled “trans” flag display on publicly owned property, City Hall, Newburyport, Massachusetts. This unlawful and belligerent flag raising was scheduled for 30March 2024. The Mayor of Newburyport was also swerved with cease-and-desist notices by Brandon Hayes and Lieutenant William Moseley.”

LT Bashaw’s website (https://freedomfighter1776.com) explains:

trans flag– a foreign flag to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Referred to as “transgender flag,” for it symbolizes the mutilation, castration, abuse, mental enslavement, and hormonal manipulation of men, women, and children. Baal worship. Associated with weakness, belligerence, enslavement, mental derangement, poisoning, toxification, and/or satanic.”

Through these long four tyrannical years violations of the US Constitution and our core civil rights, many courageous whistleblowers have come forward to fight for our core liberties.  But over the long marathon of this battle, many have dropped out of the fight as they become discouraged, depressed and dismayed by the lack of response by our government agencies and elected officials.   Many freedom fighters who still want to stand and fight simply don’t know the next steps to take.

Capt Saliba and LT Bashaw have shown all of us a unique and beneficial strategy on how to proceed in this long drawn out asymmetric warfare against the American people and the US Constitution.

The battle continues to restore our country to its founding principles of a Constitutional Republic.

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