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Thank you from Ireland!

Re: Citizens Vaccine Safety Review Board – Press Conference – August 26, 2021

Dear Truth For Health team,
Perhaps you won’t get this message, but I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you are all doing to bring truth, help and justice to us all, across the world, even those who are against you. They don’t realise yet that you are the heros of this nightmare. 

I’ve never thought so much of any stranger that I would hold them on a pedestal but since I came across Dr Peter McCullough giving evidence to the Texas senate I can honestly say that I think Dr McCullough and all your team are incredible, decent people, whom I wish only good to.   

Thank you seems so insipid an offering when what you are all doing for us in the midst of this evil is beyond the realms of all that I believed to be held in the dangers of the past and our history books. 

I understand that there is badness beyond what I ever considered plausible in western society but I want to say that it is you all who keep myself and my family focused on remaining committed to evidence, science and not breaking to the coercion of government and pharma. 

From Ireland, the most locked down and vaccinated country in Europe, where government has destroyed our communities, our Irish and worldwide know generosity and kindness, and left us with a nation of haters, discriminators and friends and family we no longer recognize, thank you fir being the reason I can face this trauma and hold firm in the face of hatred, discrimination and abandonment from people I held dear all of my life. 

It is because of you that I will protect my family, my beautiful children from the harms of this so called v! For helping me to know that I am doing the right thing, and for helping therefore to protect my children, thank you forever and always.
Cherie    ~ in Ireland August 26, 2021

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  1. The person giving thanks from Ireland is to be commended and I
    would certainly agree wholeheartedly. My belief is that Canada is
    in trouble with an unwanted election thrust upon us. The Liberal,
    Conservative & NDP have very untrustworthy leaders who are in
    their positions to command individual power and hence tyranny.

  2. DocRon says:

    Yes, agree…Professor Dr. Peter McCullough a Great American and Great Human Being…and the Doctors working with him deserving of great respect and support, in the quest for “Truth For Health”!

  3. Kathy says:

    I agree with her sentiments completely. I find great comfort in knowing I am not alone. I promise to pray for the truth to be revealed and all lies broken! THANK YOU

  4. Christine says:

    I am a retired teacher in Australia and am watching in dismay at what is happening to my beautiful country.My dad fought in WW2,my grandfather in WW1, and in such a short time all the freedoms that they fought for are being destroyed.Vaccine mandates are in force including in my profession so if I was still working I would be in an untenable position.My husband and I are in our 70s and we will not be getting the vaccine.We are under pressure from all sides including friends and some family so your organisation is giving us strength.We are not against vaccination-in our generation vaccines saved so many children.However our generation also had thalidomide.My mother was offered thalidomide when pregnant with my youngest sister but refused.We have been researching the current situation and see a much darker agenda than responding to a pandemic.We are also aware of many vaccine injuries just within our family, friends and acquaintances including an elderly friend who was bedridden and prescribed oral steroids for 3 weeks after her first shot. She now has an unspecified heart condition and her illness is not seen as an injury.A neighbour was hospitalised for 8 days after her shot.A friend had her shot in July and still has a headache.She has had numerous tests and has been referred to a psychiatrist.It’s a huge catastrophe and we feel helpless especially as so many good people are taking the vaccine because they see it as
    the duty of a good citizen and a pathway to ” freedom”. We are grateful to have access to the wonderful courageou people on your team.Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  5. Louis Schubert says:

    Can’t believe that all these so called professionals through out the world are so full of doom and gloom professing our only light at the end of the tunnel is to take the Jab!! You guys Give us direction, remedies, Peer reviewed evidence!! Definitely light at the end of your tunnel God Bless

  6. Elizabeth Hamilton says:

    I’m in Australia too and am devastated as to what’s happening here. My only hope is that maybe the novavax might be ok and we can eventually be admitted into society again.

  7. Angela McElroen says:

    My gratitude to you as well and also to Peter Breggin, Robert F Kennedy and the rest of the team at The Defender Children Health Defense, and Dr Buttar and many more brave souls that are taking a stand and serving as beacons of hope for the rest of us who would feel lost in a nightmare that unfortunately has become our reality. It is like we are in the twilight zone especially when the people I know that are telling us truths, truths that also correlate with what I already know about vaccines and viruses, and our government officials call them and the rest of us anti science. You don’t even have to graduate high school to understand that everything the government has done in regards to COVID 19 so far is anti science. How can a person not look for answers when their government behaves in such a way? I am so grateful to the people like you who are fighting for the rest of us. I’m grateful to you for giving me the confidence to not doubt my decisions in regards to being vaccinated and my children being vaccinated. I’m ready to stand with you against whatever may come. My heart goes out to the rest of you in Ireland, Canada, Australia and any where else I the world that is worse off than we are here I the US. Stay strong and keep your heads up wherever you are. United we stand, divided we fall. Don’t let tyranny break your spirit. It might be that tyranny is what was needed for us to have our eyes opened so that evil tyrants can be held accountable for their actions because their power is about to be taken back by the people who unknowingly gave it to them, us. Don’t forget that. They only have the power we allow them to have and once everyone else remembers that they will be the ones scared. I personally think every single one of them (the Tyrants) needs to be vaccinated.

  8. Maureen says:

    Thank you to all your comments above. It keeps us informed and let’s us realize that no matter where you are located on this earth, we are all experiencing the same problems. Let’s not forget to pray for these brave professionals (too many to mention) who share true science – you are all keeping us hopeful. Let’s also not forget that: WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE – a part of our lives that is also trying to be extinguished. The month of October is the month of the Rosary. We just need to keep the faith and pray, especially for those brave men & women who share such valuable information. We owe so much to them!

  9. I agree with all of these comments. I find Dr. McCullough to be a breath of fresh air, and his determination to keep the good fight going day after day after day is so appreciated. I have done so much research, and know that everything Dr. McCullough and other brave doctors and scientists are saying is the truth. I find his May interview to be a great overview of what happened from March 2020 to May 2021. It pains me so that this life-giving treatment is not being given to everyone. I have seen the iMask protocol work for a dear relative and a dear friend (both with co-morbidities) and can attest to the treatment working miracles. So many lives could have been saved. I am especially sad along with comment from Ireland about the divide in this country and others, and the hatred being spewed from the vax side. What happened to questioning science, having robust discussions, agreeing to disagree, and loving our neighbors? I was so upset about all the falseness going around that I started my own blog – to try and give out information according to my research, but I haven’t shared it much. But it has made me feel better, and it has helped me organize my thoughts and find important links. Don’t give up! We are the control group, and we must question everything. Here is to medical freedom and control over our own bodies.

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