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Thank you from Ireland!

Re: Citizens Vaccine Safety Review Board – Press Conference – August 26, 2021

Dear Truth For Health team,
Perhaps you won’t get this message, but I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you are all doing to bring truth, help and justice to us all, across the world, even those who are against you. They don’t realise yet that you are the heros of this nightmare. 

I’ve never thought so much of any stranger that I would hold them on a pedestal but since I came across Dr Peter McCullough giving evidence to the Texas senate I can honestly say that I think Dr McCullough and all your team are incredible, decent people, whom I wish only good to.   

Thank you seems so insipid an offering when what you are all doing for us in the midst of this evil is beyond the realms of all that I believed to be held in the dangers of the past and our history books. 

I understand that there is badness beyond what I ever considered plausible in western society but I want to say that it is you all who keep myself and my family focused on remaining committed to evidence, science and not breaking to the coercion of government and pharma. 

From Ireland, the most locked down and vaccinated country in Europe, where government has destroyed our communities, our Irish and worldwide know generosity and kindness, and left us with a nation of haters, discriminators and friends and family we no longer recognize, thank you fir being the reason I can face this trauma and hold firm in the face of hatred, discrimination and abandonment from people I held dear all of my life. 

It is because of you that I will protect my family, my beautiful children from the harms of this so called v! For helping me to know that I am doing the right thing, and for helping therefore to protect my children, thank you forever and always.
Cherie    ~ in Ireland August 26, 2021

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