National Travesty: Intentional Deception and Tactical Errors on J-6

By Major Mike Gary, US Army Reserves CBRN Officer; and Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD

In an unprecedented and abusive weaponization of the FBI against a major journalist, Blaze TV’s Steve Baker, 63 years old, was arrested on misdemeanor charges simply for being at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 and for his reporting on the J6 events exposing the pipe bomb hoax.  He was then further humiliated by being punitively paraded into the courtroom in leg irons and chains—tactics used by Communist China, Communist North Korea, Hitler in the third Reich, Lenin and Stalin in the former Soviet Union.

  • The arrest of Steve Baker represents a point of no return for the FBI.  The FBI
  • has made its choice as an organization to be a weapon of the Deep State against
  • the American people, our Constitutional rights, and a weapon against the Rule of Law and due process that has been a hallmark of American justice since the beginning of our Constitutional Republic.  This shows in no uncertain terms that the FBI of the United States of America no longer serves justice, but serves as the enforcement arm of a rogue, lawless political attack machine under the Biden (and Obama) administrations.

As the general public becomes more aware of nefarious actors and intentions around J-6, it has become important to expose the truth about that day of deception by our government. The outbreak of violence was the Deep State’s goal in order to prevent Congress from hearing the evidence of fraud in the 2020 election before certifying the election results.  

Our highly experienced Military CBRN officer and host explains in today’s show some of the intentional tactical deceptions and “errors” on J6 that contributed to the events spiraling out of control.  For example,

  • Major Gary explains from his 25 years as an Army National Guard experienced first responder:  “The National Guard trains to support local law enforcement and supplement them when needed. Colonel Earl Matthews of the DC Army National Guard blamed Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Mark Milley for the delayed response that day. Colonel Matthews’ claims that General Milley intentionally let the protest get out of hand. General Milley was the officer who refused to allow the DC Army National Guard to the Capitol Police’s desperate cries for help.”
  • The Pentagon’s intentional delay in mobilizing the DC Army National Guard. If the DC Army National Guard had been allowed to respond according to normal procedures as they are trained to do, we likely would not have seen the escalation at the Capitol.
  • Many other deceptions, discrepancies, and intentional misrepresentations are shown in the timeline and discussed in today’s show.

J-6 is the crowning jewel of the Deep State’s attack against the American people. It is the equivalent of the Reichstag fire in Germany in 1933, a Nazi party false flag event to grab power and subvert the will of the German people.  The Reichstag fire was used to suspend civil liberties in Germany and gave Adolf Hitler complete and unstoppable dictatorial power. Journalist Steve Baker’s arrest for conducting his journalism duties and exercising his Constitutional rights under our laws in America is today’s “Reichstag fire” blazing into an out of control tyranny against the American people and rule of law.

Arm yourself with this timeline of the J-6 events. Use the timeline to guide your actions to share the truth with others about that day.  Only a citizenry armed with knowledge and willing to speak out against this assault of evil on our freedom can stop this hell-bent descent into totalitarianism.

January 5.

7:34-8:00 PM Pipe bomber places a “pipe bomb” at the DNC building area.

8:00-8:18 PM Pipe bomber places a “pipe bomb” at the Capitol Hill Club, which they call the RNC bomb.

Ray Epps is seen saying, “We need to go into the Capitol building,” and people call him out for being “a Fed” (federal agent provoking the crowd).

January 6

1:00 AM. President Trump tweets. “If Vice President Mike Pence comes through for us, we will win the Presidency. Many States want to decertify the mistake they made in certifying, incorrect, and even fraudulent numbers, in a process not approved by their State legislatures, which must be. Mike, can send it back.”

11:25 AM Kamala Harris and her Secret Service detail go to the DNC Building.

11:35 AM A group of Proud Boys are already gathered on the east side of the Capitol.

11:57 AM President Trump takes the stage to address thousands of supporters.

12:01 PM President Trump starts to speak. He’s at the Ellipse near the Washington Monument, one mile away from the Capitol.

12:04 PM A group of Proud Boys start to march around the Capitol.

12:16 PM President Trump first mentioned to walk down to the Capitol. “Cheer on our great senators,” he said.

12:17 PM In his speech, President Trump uses the words “peacefully” and “patriotically.”  There is no call for violence by President Trump.

12:30 PM A large group heads to the Capitol.

12:30 PM Ray Epps can be seen directing people to the Capitol. He’s in between where President Trump is speaking at the Washington Monument, and the crowd beginning to build at the Capitol.

12:35 PM Mike Pence’s motorcade is seen headed towards the Capitol.

12:40 PM Capitol Hill Club “pipe bomb” is found. It is mislabeled “the RNC pipe bomb” and is the first of two alleged pipe bombs to be found that day.

12:45 PM Large crowd gathers at the Peace Circle, which is near the Capitol building.

12:50-12:55 PM Antifa, or Federal informants/provocateurs, as described by Major Gary, start to gather and start to make trouble at the outer barricades formed by bicycle racks.

12:53 PM Then Vice President Mike Pence releases a letter in which he says “I do not have authority to overturn the will of the voters. I do not believe that the founders of our country intended to invest the Vice President with unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted.” In so doing, he rejected requests from President Trump to allow states to decertify their election results that had come into question since the initial certification vote.

12:54 PM The first trouble-some group reaches the West side of the Capitol and begins to clash with officers. They shove and call the officers traitors. This would be this Antifa/role players/Fed informant group, some disguised as MAGA and Trump supporters.

1:00 PM Mr. Pence and Senators walk to the House Chamber to begin the joint session convened to certify the electoral college result.

1:00 PM President Trump is still speaking at the Washington Monument, which remember is one mile away from the US Capitol.

1:01 PM United States Capitol police deputy authorizes Less than Lethal force team to mobilize and deploy to their designated places.

1:06 PM The Less than Lethal force team is ordered to launch.

1:07 PM DNC Pipe bomb was found by law enforcement and K-9 dogs.

1:07 PM The first round or volley of less than lethal force was used against the crowd.

1:11 PM President Trump concludes his speech at the Ellipse.

1:13 PM Officer Thau is seen speaking with Capitol police officers, and calls for more munitions.

1:15 PM Benjamin Philip dies of a heart attack. He’s loaded into an ambulance. That’s the first civilian to die.

1:17 PM Proceeding in Congress is challenged. This is the first challenge.

1:21 PM Third discharge of less than lethal force fired into the crowd.

1:21 PM First flashbang grenade and CS (gas) canister is fired into the crowd.

1:24 PM Officer Thau fires smoke grenades and flash bangs into the crowd.56t

1:28 PM Kevin Greyson dies of a heart attack, the second civilian to die.

1:32 PM An officer states that shooting grenades is making things worse. So there was an active debate amongst the Capitol police about what was right and what was wrong to do.

1:34 PM Officer Thau is reprimanded for the use of smoke on the crowd, and this reprimand can be seen on the video.

1:35 PM Ray Epps is directing up and down the new barricade line, trying to breach the inner fences and barricades.

1:38 PM President Trump tweets “support law enforcement.”

1:40 PM A big President Trump sign is used to breach the final Capitol line. Ray Epps is at the back of the President Trump sign.

1:41 PM Officers are discussing the use of CS gas. “Should we have used it?”

1:49 PM Major General Walker (DC National Guard Commander) began to receive a series of frantic telephone calls from the Chief of the US Capitol police (Stephen Sund).

1:49 PM The protest is officially declared a riot.

1:50 PM The Capitol Police fire CS gas into the crowd and end up gasing themselves.

1:59 PM A big breach occurs on the East side of the Capitol, on the other side from the main action.

2:01 PM The man on the ledge, Derek Vargo, was pushed off by the Capitol Police.

2:03 PM First riot dispersal alarm goes off, which is supposed to alarm 3 times.

2:12 PM Ray Epps texts his nephew, “I orchestrated this event.”

2:13 PM President Trump texts using the words, “peaceful” and “patriotically.”

2:18 PM Officer Thau says, “it’s like shooting zombies.”

2:18 PM Another argument among capitol police about shooting innocent people.

2:24 PM President Trump tweets, “Pence didn’t have the courage.”

2:25 PM Officer Thau fires the CS canister into his own Capitol police. He breaks the final line up. The Capitol police have to disperse.

2:28 PM A unidentified press reporter takes film inside the Capitol.

2:28 PM Capitol police get even more aggressive.

2:30 PM An armed agitator climbs the scaffolding tower and fires off a couple rounds.

2:30 PM On a Teleconference, Chief Sund of the Capitol police pleaded for immediate support, which was rejected by the Secretary of the Army. We need to know the truth: Did Gen Milley have a say in this decision?

2:30 PM Mayor Bowser issues a 6 PM curfew.

2:30 PM The US House of Representatives is abruptly adjourned. The Electoral College count is ended and lawmakers were instructed to “take cover.”

2:33 PM A police officer angrily states, “We were set up.” Police are actively discussing “We were set up. We were set up. Shouldn’t have been this way.”

2:35 PM Another CS gas “friendly fire” event occurs.

2:40 PM Interesting conversation going on by the police.

2:44 PM Military veteran Ashley Babbitt is shot dead by Michael Bard.  She is the third civilian to die that day.

2:50 PM A big American flag can be seen waving and singing by the crowd on the West side of the Capitol.

4:17 PM President Trump tells protesters to “Go home. You have to go home now, we have to have peace. We love you.”

4:28 PM Roseanne Boylan is exposed to CS gas, falls to the ground, has blue lips, and dies soon after the gas attack. She is the fourth and last civilian to die that day.

5:00 PM Law enforcement officers with riot gear show up. They are largest show of force of the day. They deploy in front of the intersections of the Capitol.


1.  John Strand, political prisoner persecuted for participating at the Capitol on January 6.  Please watch his story in this 14 minute video here:

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