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Faith Over Fear – 05.21.24 – Asymmetric Warfare

MAY 21st Asymmetric Warfare: How to Spot and Deal with 5th Generation Warfare, with Jim Houck

Our expert on asymmetric warfare and K-9 training, Jim Houck, joins us for another hard-hitting program. Jim has a 30-year career training specialized K-9s with Law Enforcement (LE) agencies across the US.


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His law enforcement involvement includes: Miami Beach Police, Miami Police, Los Angeles Police (the largest law enforcement agency in the Western Hemisphere and likely the world), New Orleans Police, and the Los Angeles County Police K9 Association (61 LE agencies in the sprawling county of Los Angeles County), including SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) and HRT (Hostage Rescue Team). “I was lead K9 officer for the Lake Arthur Police in New Mexico, a statewide unit that augmented and provided kinetic solutions for all LE statewide, including United States Marshals Service. One of the personal-protection K9s I trained, K9 Porter, is in the Protection Sports Association Hall of Fame. To my knowledge K9 Porter is still the only K9 to win Level III (the highest level) three years in a row.” If you missed Jim’s two earlier Faith Over Fear programs on the Border Invasion and K-9 Training for Personal Protection, check them out in the Faith Over Fear archive on our website.

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