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Dept. of Defense Violations of Law: The COVER-UP

The Military Whistleblower Team brings an explosive expose of major violations of law with top DoD officials. A Senior Naval Officer filed an official complaint against Naval Inspector General, Vice Admiral John Fuller, for dereliction of duty by covering up federal crimes committed by several Navy leaders in the execution of the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for the military. Read more here:

Evidence has now been made public that Vice Admiral Fuller covered up violations of service members’ Constitutional rights and violations of multiple articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), resulting in the destruction of the lives of so many Service Members and their families. Vice Admiral Fuller could face a Court Martial and possible dismissal from the Navy for his crimes.

Such egregious, flagrant violations of military and civilian law by top DoD leaders has disastrous effects on military service members individually, but also is a corrosive threat to the entire rule of law that is the very foundation of America.” said Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation — a 501(c)(3) public charity defending human and civil rights. “We cannot let these violations of law remain hidden by military secrecy. This lawlessness threatens not only our military readiness but is also a severe threat to the greater public and America’s national security.

Commander Rob Green, who is a legal defense grant recipient from Truth for Health Foundation and federally protected whistleblower under 10 USC § 1034, submitted the IG complaint on 26 August 2022, with detailed evidence demonstrating that Vice Admiral Fuller wrongfully dismissed credible allegations of Senior Leader misconduct and unlawfully covered up UCMJ violations committed by Admiral Christopher Grady, Vice Admiral James Kilby, Vice Admiral John Nowell, and Rear Admiral Joseph DiGuardo. The complaint was submitted to the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, The Honorable Mr. Robert Hogue, as required by military regulations. However, as the complaint pointed out, Mr. Hogue is implicated in some of the same crimes subsequently covered up by Vice Admiral Fuller.

The complaint provides evidence of the following additional violations and possible corruption:

– Vice Admiral Fuller dismissed and refused to investigate credible allegations of unlawful actions committed by Admiral Grady. This coverup may have contributed to Admiral Grady’s unlawful actions being hidden from the United States Senate. Admiral Grady was confirmed by the Senate as the 12th Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff three weeks after a complaint against him was filed.

– Vice Admiral Fuller, claiming to have “no evidence,” dismissed and refused to investigate Vice Admiral Nowell (then Chief of Naval Personnel) for his unlawful violations of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The evidence provided to Vice Admiral Fuller was the same evidence a Federal Judge relied on to issue a preliminary injunction against the Navy (which the Supreme Court confirmed).

– Vice Admiral Fuller’s own supervisor, Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro, knowingly permitted fraudulent activity to occur regarding violations of federal law, including 21 USC § 360bbb-3 and 42 USC § 262(k). An investigation would have made this violation public and is an indication of the double standard within the highest ranks of the civilian and uniformed leadership of the military.

Read more here:

Truth for Health Foundation continues to be the watchdog that the mainstream media and our military leaders refuse to be. The Foundation provides legal defense grant assistance for military service members facing violations of human and civil rights secured by law, and provides our military a platform to expose the corruption of military leaders and dangers to our national security when the lives of our volunteer service members are in jeopardy with dangerous, politically-driven policies pushed by DoD from the top down.

America’s sons and daughters who stepped up to defend our Constitution and our freedom are paying a high price with their own Constitutional rights trampled upon by the very leaders who took an Oath to defend that Constitution. If our military service members are being abused to this degree, and forced out of the military for exercising their legal rights or for simply requesting religious or medical exemptions to an experimental vaccine, who will stand in the gap and defend your rights? The whistleblowers who courageously expose these violations of law inspire and encourage us all to stand against tyranny and protect the freedoms endowed by our Creator and enshrined in America’s founding documents. Our military members defend us. They deserve our support to defend them now against medical tyranny by their own Command.

Read the full August 15, 2022, Whistleblower Report of Department of Defense Illegal Activity from nine service members across four branches of the US Military here:

Read the Full Whistleblower Report Executive Summary here:


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