Whistleblower Report – 04.22.24 – Rogue Military Chain of Command Operates Above the Law

By Major Mike Gary, US Army Reserves CBRN Officer; and Retired Master Sergeant Jack Dona

The military continues its unlawful practices that it employed so heavily during the “COVID emergency.” Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) reigns supreme in today’s Department of Defense. Pentagon Brass and high-level command leaders across all branches of the US military have become focused on following political agendas as gospel above the Constitution.  The military seems to be forever changed with no hope of bringing it back to the most respected institution in the nation as it once was.  It is a difficult admission to many veterans and patriots, as it feels like the military sold its soul to the devil. 

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The following story highlights the seriousness and urgency of this national crisis. This isn’t just a military problem. This is a national security risk at a time when we are facing the potential of WWIII, while simultaneously having millions of illegal invaders pouring into our country.

Today’s Whistleblower Report is an update on Private (PVT) Piero Maranon and the severe mistreatment and abuse he has received from a woke and unjust chain of command, and fellow service members “just carrying out orders” without considering what is right and lawful. PVT Maranon was clearly targeted as a Christian, conservative and patriot. Today’s “woke” military no-longer tolerates these views and values that had been the hallmark of America’s founding principles and the foundational principles of the US Military and UCMJ.

Recently, a congressional delegation headed by Congressman Eli Crane (AZ) and Retired Colonel Don Jenkins met with PVT Maranon’s chain of command. PVT Maranon received such strong support from his congressional representatives as a direct result of these Constitutional violations and the abuse to which he was subjected.  Congressman Eli Crane and Col Jenkins were assured by the chain of command that PVT Maranon would be given due-process and treated fairly.

On March 11, 2024, Congressman Eli Crane went on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom to give an update on his congressional visit to PVT Maranon’s chain of command. Within 45 minutes of that interview, PVT Maranon was notified that he was being immediately discharged. It is suspected that PVT Maranon’s chain of command was watching the WarRoom and decided to unjustly discharge him.

PVT Maranon was told that his paperwork was quickly generated and his Command issued the most damaging DD form 214 (discharge papers) possible, making it nearly impossible for him to find civilian employment after discharge.

The Sergeant Major (SGM) drove PVT Maranon to the front gate of Fort Jackson, opened up the trunk and pulled out PVT Maranon’s gear. The SGM placed PVT Maranon’s gear on the ground and looked at him and said, “Good luck Brother.” The SGMs are supposed to be advocates for the enlisted as they are the lower enlisted chain of support. Instead, this SGM gets in his car and drives away.  The callousness and cruelty toward a new service member was stunning.

Military CBRN expert MAJ Mike Gary interviews retired Mater Sergeant (MSG) Jack Dona to discuss the moral decay and sadistic treatment many service members are receiving in the military and specifically give important details on the PVT Maranon story.

PVT Maranon’s story was first covered by the Truth for Health Foundation in February 2024 under the Whistleblower report, Self Inflicted Wounds: US Military Has Lost Its Way, JOSH PLEASE ADD LINK TO THIS SHOW

MSG Jack Dona has been personally involved helping PVT Maranon navigate this injustice.  MSG Dona helped set up the congressional delegation. That delegation ended up including Congressman Eli Crane (AZ) and Retired Colonel Don Jenkins. MSG Dona provides a unique perspective and gives chilling details on how far the military has fallen from a code of honor and rule of law to sadistic persecution and abuse of its volunteer recruits. 

MSG Dona issues a stunning and alarming warning to America that we all  must urgently seek to address through our elected representatives: “The brass, the general officers, the military, no longer feel they are answerable to civilian authority.”

THAT, America, is the road to perdition and dictatorship.  We must heed the warnings of these courageous Military Whistleblowers.


Whistleblower Report – 02.26.24 – Self Inflicted Wounds: US Military Has Lost Its Way – Truth for Health Foundation

The Trials of PVT Maranon: DEI is a Prescription for Failure in the Military | uncoverdc.com | uncoverdc.com

Rep. Eli Crane: “Apparently You Have Some Folks In The Army That Are Monitoring WarRoom” (rumble.com)

Rep. Eli Crane: South Carolina Private Being Forced Out Of Military For Patriotic Beliefs (rumble.com)

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