Whistleblower Report – 02.26.24 – Self Inflicted Wounds: US Military Has Lost Its Way

By Major Mike Gary, US Army Reserves CBRN Officer; and Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, Physician and CEO Truth for Health Foundation

Through the Covid-Mandate era, the Department of Defense, Pentagon Brass, and high level command leaders across all branches of the US military became accustomed to violating federal and Constitutional law, UCMJ regulations,  standards and policies in the name of “emergency” COVID  “safety” protocols and “public health.”  The military continues these unlawful practices to this very day, even though there is no longer a “COVID emergency.”

Why does the US military leadership do this to our volunteer servicemembers, who have the right to being protected by USMJ regulations and Constitutional guarantees of their rights? The military has decided to follow the lead of a corrupt and derelict Biden administration. The military’s assessment is that it has no choice but to follow the “political winds of change.” Specifically, that means the Biden Administration (continuing policies rampant under the 8 years of Obama Administration) of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Our military leaders have sold their souls to the devil of “political correctness”   and decided to destroy its 250 years of proud tradition of duty, honor, courage, rewarding merit rather than politics, and preparing our military for combat roles in defense of America. Thanks to the efforts of courageous military and civilian whistleblowers, the public is now more aware of how physically damaged and weakened our military has become from the COVID experimental gene therapy shot medical injuries, and loss of military readiness by purging conservative military servicemembers of faith and conscience.  Tragically, the US military appears to be in a death spiral of moral decay, political correctness, and lack of military discipline and readiness. Leaders who are sadistic, mean-spirited, punitive and discriminatory have become all too common place now in the Armed Forces.

The Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) CREED states: “Competence is my watchword. My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind—accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my Soldiers.”

DEI policies and initiatives replace this phrase and now supersedes the mission and welfare of the troops.  Service members both active duty and retired see this carried out daily. In alarming undermining of morale and fitness for combat duty.

Consider the recent story of Private (PVT) Piero Maranon and the mistreatment he’s received from an out-of-control chain of command. On the night of his basic training graduation, he was handed an Article 15 administrative punishment notice. He wasn’t allowed to graduate and family members who had traveld to see his graduation were denied this joyous occasion. PVT Maranon’s mother, for example, traveled all the way from Peru. What warranted this Article 15? A picture of President Trump on PVT Maranon’s phone was observed, and then confiscated by his Command who then labeled him “racist, a Nazi, and a white supremacist.”  His sin was simply that he had a photo of former President Trump on his phone.

In a flagrant and egregious departure from military procedure and regulations, allegations are simply made without basis and accepted as fact. In an instant, a military servicemember’s career and character are destroyed.  These tyrannical tactics are characteristic of totalitarian regimes like Communist China, North Korea or the former Soviet Union and Third Reich. This is NOT the honorable tradition of the US Military under our rule of law and respect of individual rights.

Col. Don Jenkins reinforces how the military used to operate in this longer article: The Trials of PVT Maranon: DEI is a Prescription for Failure in the Military:

“…Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) should be the very last thing with which our military should concern itself. Moreover, such concerns should certainly not interfere with how behavior on a base is managed organizationally. In the old days, rules and regulations mattered. The military has its own set of standards and rules that follow our Constitution. The regulations and rules have worked well for decades to condition our young soldiers with discipline and grit, qualities they will rely upon to handle the horrors they encounter on the battlefield. The mission should be focused on protecting the nation and our soldiers.”

As Patriots and retired veterans lament the deterioration of the military standards of the US Armed Forces, some are actively taking bold stands to save it. Most agree that it needs to be restored to its former traditions, rules of military law and codes of proper military conduct.

One viable solution being proposed is to recall to active duty retired veterans and have them, for a time, supervise training of younger service membrs to restore the military’s standards and values that have been lost. The older generations served in a time that followed and revered the Constitution. The younger generations don’t have the same respect for our Constitution, and many have never read it or understand the protections it guarantees.  The military needs honorable people who fulfilled their oaths the first time in order to be restored from the abomination that has been created the last four years.

At the same time, the military would need to “clean house” of corrupt and compromised leaders who allowed this to happen. This idea flows well from the Declaration of Military Accountability that was released on 1 January 2024. The Declaration states that certain military leaders will be held accountable. They too should be called back to active service and court martialed.

Military CBRN expert MAJ Mike Gary interviews retired Command Sergeant Major Steven Baker to discuss the moral decay and sadistic treatment many service members are receiving in the military. Command Sergeant Major Baker first served in Vietnam in the 1st Force Recon for the United States Marine Corps. (USMC). He also served as a US Embassy Marine Security Guard, and was a Drill Instructor and Marine Barracks in GITMO reserves. He eventually joined the Army Reserves and then ended his career in the Arizona Army National Guard. He has a vast knowledge of the Armed Services. As a civilian, Steve has engineered and designed IT architectures and provided contractor management of service contracts for the Army over the last 20 years.

Steve had wise words about the current state of the US Military and the PVT Maranon debacle, “Truth and time have an unerring irrevocable unalterable convergence in the destiny of all involved. It won’t be pretty for the guilty. All will be revealed…”


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