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Faith Over Fear – 9.27.2022

Transhumanism on Steroids: Impact of Biden’s Executive Order

Speakers: Steve Smith, PhD, Author of 30 Days to Christian Meditation with Guest Speaker, Leo Hohmann
The global elites, working with Big Tech, Big Pharma, and major military researchers, have been quietly advancing Transhumanism philosophically and technologically for decades. Transhumanism is now being forced upon us with the Biden Administration’s latest executive order coupled with the roll out of gene therapy “COVID shots known to be capable of altering our human DNA and changing the human genome.

Powerful international organizations (WHO), defense agencies (DARPA) and Big Tech are all pushing ahead at full speed to “enhance” and “transform” human beings into superhumans, though they don’t know exactly what the end result will be.

Will we be more human than machine? More machine than human? Genetically altered into something “post human?” They can’t say, but we are supposed to trust them that whatever it is will be wonderful. We all saw how these same powerful international global elites and organizations dictated interventions in the COVID pandemic that did nothing but cost millions of lives around the world while they worked non-stop to suppress anyone offering early treatment to save lives.

In our Faith Over Fear program this week, we’ll continue our exploration of transhumanism, and the ways it is corrupting God’s design of human and other life on this planet, as wellas the technology that allows the transhumanism agenda to invade our lives at “warp speed.”

an Army Sergeant Laboratory Technician (position 68K) stationed at a Public Health Command has come forward to discuss the flaws with the Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID19 testing technology and tell the truth about the high false positive rate artificially created by the directives to run the test at such a high number of cycles. This courageous Sargent has experience throughout the pandemic emergency declaration with testing clinal samples of patients and pooled testing in the public health setting. He discusses how the tests were never meant to diagnose disease. He also talks about the incredibly high false positives that occur when the PCR is run at the high thresholds that the CDC was mandating as lab protocol for the Department of Defense. This is quite alarming given the fact that the entire “pandemic” was justified based upon case rates of COVID19, but these tests were intentionally manipulated to increase the false positive rate, making the number of cases seem far higher than was medically correct. LISTEN, and read more here:

Today’s Whistleblower Report documents the legal framework and plans going back decades for a militarized medical martial law that is being put into place under the cloak of secrecy in states across America. Attorney Bobbi Anne Cox, Esq. is a courageous legal warrior who succeeded in winning a major legal victory to stop the highly secret, totally unconstitutional forced quarantine indefinite detention regulation promulgated by New York Governor Hochul and her appointed Department of Health Director. International attorney Todd Callender, Esq. provides the legal framework for all of these draconian quarantine detention measures that began in the 1994 Cairo Population Accords and the steps to achieve a global reduction in population using a militarized medical martial law and the declaration of a “public health emergency of international concern.” Then almost ten years later, the “Turning Point” model legislation was developed, giving all 50 states a blueprint to implement these forced detentions, ostensibly for “quarantine” to prevent the spread of “communicable diseases.” The language is designed to sound innocuous. In reality, however, this legislation creates quarantine detention with no escape and no due process. The sinister intent is to usurp citizens’ rights and implement total control of who gets detained for “quarantine,” where they are kept and under what conditions, and for how long. LISTEN and read more here:

MAJOR FAA LAWSUIT and BIDEN’S TRANSHUMANISM EXECUTIVE ORDER ANALYSIS Dangers to the flying public, and those on the ground in the event of an air disaster with a military or civilian plane crash are very real threats with the vaccine-induced damage to commercial and military pilots. Legal and Medical Whistleblowers have come forward with dire warnings to the FAA that have been ignored. Dire in-flight emergencies have skyrocketed since the COVID jabs rolled out, verified by the exponential rise in “Squawk 7700” events worldwide (see The United States FAA violated its own regulations in allowing these experimental shots to be mandated by commercial airlines and to allow Medical Examiners to approve non-FDA approved experimental shots with known toxicity and risk of death to be cleared on FAA Class I medical examinations for commercial pilots. Attorney Todd Callender explains the risks to the public, the legal warnings and violations, and the next steps in a major lawsuit against the FAA. Attorney Callender and Dr. Vliet then explore the devastating invasion of human freedom and even our own freedom to think and act as autonomous human beings with the latest Biden Administration Executive Order to remake God’s design of human beings into a malevolent design by the global elite predators to control all of humanity, and ultimately lead to the deaths of millions of people in their depopulation agenda. Attorney Callender shines a light on this diabolical plan as he explains Bill Gates’s intellectual property rights on a “people battery patent.”
REMDESIVIR LAWSUIT – Hospital Deaths due to Government Incentives to Hospitals in a Bounty on Your Life of Nearly Half a Million Dollars! Dr. Vliet interviews the two courageous attorneys who have filed the first lawsuit in the US against three hospitals in California for wrongful deaths on the COVID remdesivir protocol. Listen to this powerful story here:
Constitution Day 2022 – The Torch of Freedom in Danger of Being Extinguished. Listen to our podcast here: Read more background here with Dr. Vliet’s column to accompany the radio show is available here.
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2 Corinthians 4:16-18 ….do not lose heart… this slight momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.
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