Whistleblower Report – 04.15.24 – Disaster Capitalism: Government Using Your Tax Dollars Against You

On this tax day, April 15 2024, The Whistleblower Report exposes yet another scheme by our rogue Federal government to defraud the HARDWORKING American taxpayer.  Disaster Capitalism is a term for the business of public sector (government) partnerships with private sector businesses and non-profits coined by Angela Casler, following the 2018 fires that burned to the ground her hometown of Paradise California. Using federal power to declare a “state of emergency” on whatever pretext they decide, the federal government is creating the means funnel our OUR tax dollars as windfall payments to private companies, non-profits, and city/county/state governments for the supposed purpose of “recovery” from “disasters.”

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At its core, this “Disaster Capitalism” is fascism being carried out to create transfer of wealth from the public for private companies and local governments and nonprofits to benefit.  Little of the money actually gets to people injured or losing businesses and homes in these disasters.  Witness the people of Maui, Hawaii, E. Palestine Ohio, and Paradise, California still waiting for disaster relief to rebuild homes and businesses while private investors and nonprofits got rich. 

This use of taxpayer dollars is a huge government-sponsored Ponzi scheme using our tax dollars against the interests of the citizens and to enrich private companies and local politicians and governments.  Disaster Capitalism misuse of taxpayer money has soared under the Biden Administration, though it occurred on a smaller scale under many previous administrations.

In today’s interview, Angela Casler, herself a victim of the Paradise CA fires, said “After my Town of Paradise was burned to the ground in 2018 I started using the words “disaster capitalism”. County, town, state all received so much money, yet people who lost homes and businesses got nothing. Catastrophe bonds were issued by FEMA.  The Electric company PG&E bondholders cashed in. People who had jobs and insurance couldn’t receive help from FEMA. Our registration with FEMA was “cyber attacked”. The constant declaration of state of emergencies with weather manipulation and even an eclipse are bankrupting the country! It’s one huge disaster capital Ponzi scheme. In addition, the money keeps elected officials from speaking out so the money flow continues, such as a militarized pandemic to fund public health. The government is a corporation and they must satisfy the defense contractors. Why leave all our equipment to the Taliban and ISIS? New equipment is manufactured and arms dealers are cashing in. Keep laser focused on the new “green banks” – the latest scheme to transfer our tax dollars to enrich private investors.”

Americans don’t realize the degree to which our tax dollars are being paid to county, town, state governments and private companies in order to carry out the government’s agenda that is destroying our lives, our jobs, our communities, and our environment. It’s actually very chilling.

The enormity of these tax payments by the Federal Government to local private companies, non-profits, and government agencies are actually undermining the interest of the American citizens and taxpayers and further causing economic harm to working Americans due the rampant inflation eroding the value of our take-home dollars and the rising cost of food, fuel and consumer goods due to the endless printing of money and out-of-control debt.

We’ve seen since 2018 this constant declaration of states of emergencies over every situation imaginable, including the most recent declaration state of emergency by about 8 different States just for the solar eclipse. What is the “disaster” about a solar eclipse?  The last total eclipse across America was roughly 6 years ago, but we never had any of this fear mongering or state of emergency declarations.

People don’t realize that a state of emergency declaration allows Federal money to be sent to favored state agencies, favored private companies and non-profits who agree to carry out the government’s political agenda.  This results in our tax money being used in ways that are actually undermining our freedoms and our own ability to make decisions in our lives.

The Biden Administration is bankrupting our country with one huge disaster capitalism Ponzi scheme. As recently as 2021, during the COVID vaccine rollout, the Biden administration funneled taxpayer dollars to universities, schools, hospitals, businesses to promote and mandate the COVID shots. 

Americans need to understand that our federal government has been, and still is, actually using our tax dollars towards our destruction. A recent example is federal money going to Catholic charities –millions of dollars—to facilitate transportation and housing and food and social service support of the illegal aliens invading America across our wide-open border. 

Americans need to stand up against this Ponzi scheme bankrupting our country, destroying our economy, and usurping our constitutional rights.

Guest background and resources:

Angela Casler is the owner of Sustainability Management Consulting, a strategic planning consulting company. Her professional background as Chief Credit Officer, Chief Customer Service, and Regional Manager in Corporate America’s financial services industries and international banking, plus 15-years of experience in small business ownership in transportation and consulting, has enabled her to design solutions for many diverse industries.

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Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD. US independent Preventive and Climacteric Medicine physician, author of 7 consumer heath books, and recipient of a 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the 2007 Voice of Women award from the Arizona Foundation for Women, a leader in COVID early home treatment to keep people out of the hospital and save lives, and since 2021 the President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) faith-based public charity and human rights defense organization.  Dr. Vliet is the creator of the Foundation’s innovative six initiatives that advocate for early outpatient COVID treatment, treatment and resources for vaccine-injured patients including the Citizens Vaccine Injury Reporting System™ (CVIRS), legal defense grants for military service members and others denied medical and religious freedom, medical and legal help for families of hospitalized patients denied effective treatment, and the Health and Resilience Initiative to empower people with steps to improve health and avoid the restrictions on freedom with Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Government. The Foundation provides international educational and training programs focused on effective strategies for COVID and many other medical conditions, and on the interconnections of health, faith and lifestyle approaches for restoring resilience and quality of life.

Dr. Vliet has been a leader in patient centered, individualized medical care. Since 1986, she has practiced medicine independent of insurance contracts that interfere with patient-physician relationships and decision-making. Dr. Vliet is the founder of Vive Life Center with medical practices in Tucson AZ and Dallas TX, specializing in preventive and climacteric medicine with an integrated approach to evaluation and treatment of women and men with complex medical-endocrine problems from puberty to late life.   Dr. Vliet’s consumer health books include: It’s My Ovaries, Stupid; Screaming To Be Heard: Hormonal Connections Women Suspect– And Doctors STILL  Ignore; Women, Weight and Hormones; The Savvy Woman’s Guide to PCOS,  The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Great Sex, Strength, and Stamina. 

Dr. Vliet is a past member of the board of directors for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and was a member of the AAPS Editorial Writing Team from 2009-2023. Dr. Vliet received her M.D. degree and internship in Internal Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and completed specialty training at Johns Hopkins.  She earned her B.S. and master’s degrees from the College of William and Mary.  Follow Dr. Vliet on Twitter (X), TruthSocial, Substack, and other social media @TruthForHealth Websites: www.TruthForHealth.org, www.TruthForHealthStore.com and www.ViveLifeCenter.com

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