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Christian Men Stand Up Against Transgender Grooming in Maine Schools

Parents in Winslow, Maine, were ambushed without warning by the sudden “transgender grooming” of their children at school without the parent’s knowledge or consent. Michael Gary, a Christian man, husband, father of four, and 25-year military veteran knew it was time to stand on Biblical authority and defend the children from these destructive policies pushed by the ”gender change” ideologues.

Michael, along with eight other courageous Christian men, decided to confront the local school board over their blatant violation of the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), by hiding from parents the transgender grooming of their children occurring in the public schools. These men reveal the impact grassroots movements can achieve and how momentum can be built in your own community.

Rather than focusing on providing an excellent education that teaches children not only the fundamentals – reading, writing, math, and history – but also an understanding of the proven reality of this world, the Winslow school board has decided to emphasize a fictitious world of infinite genders and corrupt the appropriate use of pronouns, which traditionally was a core teaching of grammar.

The curriculum has been rewritten by radical law firms to focus on transgender policies that are in conflict with basic biology and God’s law in the Old and New Testaments.

Maine has been a state of extreme mandates violating all core Constitutional principles, and those radical infringements on all freedoms persist to this day. American traditional Judeo-Christian institutions are crumbling under the assault by radical Marxists determined to remove God from our lives and replace God with Government diktats.

Our hosts Dr. Monique Robles, pediatric intensive care specialist and bioethicist, and Nurse Nicole Landers, are joined by three brave fathers – Michael Gary, a part-time soldier for the National Guard with 25 years of service, and a consultant for the Truth for Health FoundationSteve Soucy, a retired service member from the Maine Army National Guard with 23 years of active-duty service, now a business owner in Maine; and Ryan Clark, a banker, and homeschooling dad.

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