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Chemical Catastrophe in Ohio Coverup

New information comes to the Whistleblower Report team that the EPA has deployed a “Superfund Community Involvement” official to East Palestine, Ohio, EPA Region 5. No city wants to be designated a “Superfund” toxic waste site. So just exactly what is the agenda behind the disastrous mishandling of the Ohio train derailment and detonation of rail cars of toxic vinyl chloride that produces dioxins as well-documented and highly toxic combustion byproducts?

Why were the HAZMAT responses in E. Palestine directed to be the opposite of HAZMAT management principles of containment and isolation? Why are the serious and unusual health problems of E. Palestine residents being ignored by public officials? What health problems do residents need to watch for, both now and down the road? Today’s show with military veteran and CBRN expert Major Mike Gary and physician host, Dr. Vliet discuss all these questions and more.

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