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Faith Over Fear – 2.14.2023

FEBRUARY SERIES for Heart Month:

February 14: Heart Damage from the COVID Shots: What the CDC and FDA Are NOT Reporting. Dr. Richard Fleming MD, PhD, JD –nuclear cardiologist, physicist and attorney—returns to our Faith Over Fear seminar series to present an evidence-based program on the real data, and mechanisms of injury to the heart and vascular system from the COVID shots, as well as steps you can take to reverse this damage if you’ve had “the jab.”  Dr. Fleming has been presenting evidence of the inflamed-thrombotic response and cardiovascular damage since 1994 and is one of the leading medical authorities on how COVID illness, and the COVID shots, intensify the damage from the inflammo-thrombotic response that can lead to death.  For more information on these topics, visit Dr. Fleming’s websites and listen to this additional program: To The State Attorney Generals & Governors. Honor Your Oaths!

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