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STOP THE SHOT! Get the Rest of the Story

July 10, 2021


Two international experts take on the untold story of the serious risks with the COVID mRNA genetic vaccines. This is a no-holds-barred discussion about the ways in which these experimental shots are damaging the lives and health of millions worldwide. Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Hodkinson call for a halt to the mRNA experimental mass vaccination until safer, more traditional vaccines can be developed, such as the antigen vaccine by Novavax.

Guests:  Dr. Michael Yeadon; Dr. Roger Hodkinson

STOP THE SHOT! Get the Rest of the Story – America Out Loud

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  1. candy roiger says:

    Ever since I got the Moderna shot on March 1st, I’ve had a moderate to severe case of exema, something I’ve never had before. It goes everywhere except my face and feet. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it?

  2. Deborah says:

    Hi Candy. I did not get the Moderna shot but I do have eczema. It’s my understanding that it may be due to an over-reaction of the immune system. My dermatologist prescribed a steroid ointment, which helps to keep it at bay. The ointment shrinks the scaly patches. I recommend avoiding any booster shots as this could reactivate an immune response leading to an auto-immune problem. Talk to a dermatologist about the idea of a steroid ointment, which may help to clear things up. I don’t need to use it all the time; daily for a week, then a break. New patches show up, then I treat them daily for a week as prescribed. Hope this helps.

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