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Pfizer Whistleblower on Massive Fraud in Clinical Trials

Courageous Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson and her attorney Warner Mendenhall discuss the landmark federal court case in Beaumont, TX, against Pfizer for the massive fraud in the clinical trials for the COVID shots. The lies, cover-ups, deceptive practices, and data manipulation are genuinely some of the worst in the history of modern pharmaceuticals.

Even more stunning, the data on which the FDA gave EUA authorization was only based on 170 patients, 40 of which were from one trial site in Argentina alleged to have also engaged in massive fraud. Oral arguments for the case took place last week. Our guests share their observations from this experience and explain more details about the egregious and dangerous violations of patient safety, informed consent, and data manipulation by those in charge of Pfizer’s COVID shot clinical trials.

This story is so shocking that it is hard to comprehend that it could be happening in America.

For more on Brook Jackson and this case, go to and follow her on Twitter @IamBrookJackson, and, and

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