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Whistleblower Reprisals: DoD’s Hidden Pandemic

A continuing “undercover” Pandemic is attacking our military, hidden from the American public, and causing catastrophic damage to our military readiness and strength. The Department of Defense leadership has been engaging in systematic, widespread retaliatory actions against military whistleblowers who are exposing the “shadow policies” operating to punish those courageous service members speaking out about the blanket denials of religious exemptions, and the unlawful mandates for experimental EUA products: the COVID shots, COVID masking and testing the punitive testing and masking mandates.

Over 10,000 Service Members have been summarily terminated from the military without due process; many tens of thousands have been grossly discriminated against, punished, and attacked in unimaginable ways. All of this is occurring via “shadow policies” and directives from DoD Brass acting in concert to destroy the careers and livelihoods of these courageous service members.

Taking punitive retaliatory action against federally-protected Whistleblowers is a criminal violation of many federal and UCMJ statutes and the Constitutional rights of our military service members. Over the last two years, there has been an enormous surge of Whistleblowers who have transmitted protected communications to their Chain of Command, regarding these CV19 mandates. Protected communications, such as violations of regulations, law, and specific dangers to public health and safety, have been flagrantly ignored by top leadership.

To make matters even worse, Commanders viciously retaliate against these service members and the civilian federal employees who speak out, pushing to “break” and destroy them. The damage continues to this day, in spite of press focus on Congress supposedly “halting the DoD vaccine mandates.”

In sounding the alarm about the damage, many service members are actually doing the jobs the military hired them to do, yet are punished for it.

Today’s guest, we have 1LT Mark Bashaw, U.S. Army, speaks to us about his first-hand accounts of the reprisal he received after attempting to perform his duties as a Medical Officer at the Army Public Health Center. Mark joined the military exactly 17 years ago.

On January 17th, 2006, Mark left for Air Force Basic Training and went on to serve around the world, until he was directly commissioned into the Army Medical Service Corps with an Interservice Transfer (Air Force to Army) on September 8th, 2019. Upon completion of Army Officer Training, Mark has been stationed at the Army Public Health Center (APHC), Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

Throughout his 17 years of Service, Lt. Bashaw has had extensive experience with risk communication regarding threats to Force Health Protection of Service Members. Mark started inquiring to Command about the enormous CV19 injection danger signals within the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Report Database. Listen in as he gives his first-hand account of what happened to him after he started communications about the violation of laws and specific dangers to the Force for these experimental Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) products for COVID-19 (mask, tests, injections).

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