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Navy Special Operations Medic Speaks Out!

Senior Chief special operations medic Dixon Brown, a Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer with over 18 years in the military, and with many deployments as a combat medic “downrange,”discusses his journey over the last two years with the COVID19 Emergency Declaration and the impact of the mandates in the military. The reality of what he was seeing during operations wasn’t matching up with policy being pushed down, and then forced upon service members. In 2017 Dixon was certified by the FDA as a Sub-Investigator that authorizes him to provide proper informed consent for Emergency Use Authorized Products (EUA), track their use and report back up the chain of command to the FDA. As part of this informed consent, he was required to conduct an hour-long briefing to all eligible personnel on the risks, benefits, and right to refusal of the EUA product.

During the entire rollout of the experimental COVID19 EUA mRNA injections, however, he saw that there was no proper use of informed consent. In fact, just the opposite was happening as service members were coerced, threatened, and retaliated against to take the experimental injections. He also discusses first-hand account of vaccine injuries of service members. His candid conversation with Dr. Vliet and Freedom Fighter 1776 highlights how his faith in Jesus Christ led him to refuse the COVID injections due to his religious convictions. Dixon has authored a 20 page “Declaration of Fact in Support of Suspension of the Department of Defense COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate and Associated Boosters.  That Affadavit is posted at

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