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Hemorrhagic Fevers, Diabolical Warfare Plan Exposed

DrLee4America interviews Lt. Gen Thomas McInerney and Attorney Todd Callender further “connecting the dots” on what happened in China with the outbreak of hemorrhagic fevers during the Olympics, the infections that caused Russian President Putin to abruptly leave Beijing, the significance of the “monkey spill” in PA, coupled with Fauci’s new Ebola gain of function research facility in TEXAS.

What do the experts think is headed our way as the Biden Administration appears to be backing off mandates? Is this a feint, to throw people off guard? Is this part of prior planning to disrupt America’s mid-term elections as they did in 2020?

What is the legal framework put in place in 2005 for the global predators’ vast totalitarian plan to overthrow the US Constitution, take away national sovereignty and control the world? As the fear-mongering ramps up, what can citizens do to prepare? EVERY American can take steps discussed in this show. There is no one coming to save us. Each American must act locally with the legal tools for us to use.

Get involved, GET LOUD, learn what you need to do to help save our Constitutional Republic.

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