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Army Whistleblower Speaks Out – Retaliatory Weaponization of Psychiatry

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Army Captain Seth Ritter is now speaking out publicly about the Ft. Benning Command violations of UCMJ in their persecutory, retaliatory attempts to weaponize “behavioral health” and force him into involuntary psychiatric detention with potential for forced medication – as punishment for filing two Inspector General reports and one criminal complaint against Major General Donahoe for multiple UCMJ violations involving fraternization and harassment of young female Officer Candidate students under General Donahoe’s command. Military officers have a duty to protect those under their command, so Captain Ritter’s actions to help these younger female officers were actually fulfilling his duties and responsibilities under the UCMJ for those under his command. In fact, the punitive actions taken against him are major violations by Command of the military’s own ”Whistleblower Protection Act.” 

DrLee4America and guests Army Captain Seth Ritter and Navy Commander Rob Green discuss these massive attempts to weaponize psychiatry in the military in order to silence any opposition to agendas harming our military service members.  Our military readiness and national security are at stake.  

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