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Ft. Benning Army Captain Unlawfully Detained After Filing Criminal Complaint Against General

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DrLee4America, host of Truth for Health…The Rest of the Story, and Navy Commander Rob Greendiscuss the chilling crisis that unfolded on April 4, 2022, at Ft. Benning, Georgia, when Army Captain Seth Ritter, who has decided to go public by name to help defend others from this abuse, was unlawfully detained and commanded to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, alleging “danger to self or others” simply following his lawful action to file a criminal complaint against Major General Donohoe for Article 92 and other USMJ violations related to the treatment of junior female OCS students under his command. 

Captain Ritter was cleared of any psychiatric disorder by the base psychiatrist, and released to leave the ER, but Command persisted in trying to force psychiatric admission and forcible medication. Dr. Vliet and Capt. Ritter’s attorney, David Willson, intervened Monday evening with the ER military physician regarding the unlawful detention. After many hours of being detained in the ER, they succeeded in getting Capt. Ritter’s release at 2 am on April 5. 

But then the ordeal turned more ominous when Command ordered Military Police to stop Capt. Ritter and his wife and children from departing on scheduled – approved leave. At least 7 MPs surrounded the family’s car — while Dr. Vliet and Attorney Willson were witnesses by phone — and demanded Capt. Ritter gets out of the vehicle for them to take him back to the Psychiatry unit at the base hospital. The children were frightened and crying, obviously traumatized by military police trying to take their father away. 

Courage, calmness, and faith under fire are the characteristics that Capt. Ritter — and his wife — displayed through the more than an hour detention by the MPs in spite of Attorney Willson confirming that there were no lawful grounds on which to take Capt. Ritter into custody. Command continued to order them to take Capt. Ritter into custody, but after Dr. Vliet insisted that the MP in charge speak to Attorney David Willson by phone, they appeared to realize there were no grounds to detain him. At 3:08 am, the MP finally came back to the vehicle and said, “Sir, you are free to go.” None of those involved breathed easy until Capt. Ritter, his wife, and children were safely off Ft. Benning property and on their way to a family wedding. There is serious doubt that Capt. Ritter would be free today if there had not been witnesses by phone to the abuses taking place, and legal notice of unlawful action served on the ER staff and MPs by Capt. Ritter’s attorney. 

This diabolical and chilling weaponization of psychiatry is a frightening portent of escalating medical tyranny to detain and medicate a service member as a continuation of retaliatory persecution of an exemplary Army Captain who helped document abuses of service members under his command by the commanding general. Captain Ritter has courageously exposed massive Article 92 violations across the US Army command, as discussed in my earlier show on America Out Loud.

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