Your Pathway Through the Minefield of FEAR

Originally aired on America Out Loud

Whether a new virus, experimental COVID shots, hemorrhagic fevers like Marburg, Ebola, radiation exposure from 5G, or toxins from unexpected sources – like the latest theory about snake venom ⏤ facts and truth matter. ALL of these threats have common treatment approaches and solutions. You need to know what they are and start building your home-based survival kit.

Physician host DrLee4America and special guest, US Army Lt. Col Peter C. Chambers, former Green Beret special operations and combat physician, discuss the paralyzing aspects of FEAR being directed at people from all directions. This episode will focus on how to use a “combat” mindset and training approaches to overcome fear, and create your action plan to protect the health and well-being of you and your family.

Fear propaganda is the weapon being used to control people. Two experienced physicians show how to “connect the dots” and avoid falling into the fear traps being orchestrated by the media and political powers to take away more of your freedoms. Listen to today’s show and learn what steps YOU can take now to plan, prepare, and be ready for the threats that may lie ahead.

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