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Army Officer Court-Martialed over Vax Mandates

Originally aired on America Out Loud

Physician host DrLee4America and guests, US Army Lt. Mark Bashaw, Attorneys David Willson, and Dawn Uballe, discuss the persecution and court-martial prosecution of an exemplary Army Officer with an impeccable 16-year military career in both the USAF and US Army. Lt. Mark Bashaw’s role as Preventive Medicine Officer at Aberdeen Proving Grounds was to protect the lives of soldiers under his command by assessing the risks and benefits of medical treatments and threats to their health from vector-borne diseases and other environmental factors.

Yet when he raised legitimate questions about the serious adverse events with the experimental COVID shots, he was charged with violating orders and served with notice of court-martial. As a man of deep faith, Lt. Bashaw courageously fought to do what was right under the law, to follow medical and ethical principles, and to advocate for the safety of his troops. He and his family paid a high price in the toll it took on their lives from the stress of the personal and professional attacks and uncertainty about his future.

With a superb legal team, the support of his peers, his own courageous testimony, and widespread prayer support, Lt. Bashaw was not punished further and, in fact, will soon receive his promotion to Captain that had been put on hold because of the court-martial. His story is a testament to courage under persecution and how critical it is to stand firm against coerced experimentation on human beings.

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