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Religious Persecution Under the Cloak of Military Secrecy

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The violation of basic human rights, the complete flaunting of military regulations and lack of due process, the inhumane treatment of the civilian family and innocent children is beyond comprehensible in the United States of America. Every American should be outraged that our military is treating their officers and families in such cruel ways with a total lack of compassion or compliance with military procedures and the US Constitution.

DrLee4America interviews three military officers describing the horrendous persecution of Christian military service members, including a Navy Chaplain and his pregnant wife and three children under seven forced to remain in “limbo” living in a cramped hotel room for three months and not allowed to move into housing at next duty station as punishment for his religious exemption request for the experimental vaccine.

The devastating damage to morale and psychological abuse is occurring under the cloak of military secrecy and with the full knowledge and agreement of the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, and top military brass.

Truth for Health…the Rest of the Story brings you the tragic consequences of the lawlessness that has taken hold of our US Military, and the threats this poses to ALL Americans if our military crumbles under the persecution and purge of Christian service members who simply want to exercise their Constitutional rights to express their faith and be true to their conscience in rejecting the experimental gene therapy COVID shots that are tested and manufactured using aborted fetal tissue. 

These Navy and Air Force officers are heroes standing for their faith, and speaking courageously to warn the public of what lies ahead for all of us if this abuse in our military continues to purge all who stand for truth and medical freedom.

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