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USAF Pilots in Peril, Threats to National Security

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Today’s show focuses on three USAF fighter pilots describing the critical pilot crises with a shortage of over 2000 pilots in the USAF—which is a major threat to America’s national security at the very time global threats of armed conflict are escalating with Russia’s threatened invasion of Ukraine, China’s threatened invasion of Taiwan and India and rising tension in the Middle East. This is a devasting medical and national security disaster being kept from the public under the cloak of military secrecy. 

Even in the face of the dangerous pilot shortage, the Air Force Command continues to purge highly trained USAF fighter pilots out of the Air Force at an alarming rate, as punishment for requesting a vaccine medical or religious vaccine exemption, and violating servicemembers legal, due process under the UCMJ regulations. This purge of highly trained fighter pilots depletes the military of many thousands of hours of combat flight experience that cannot just be recreated quickly or cheaply. Existing combat flight experience is estimated to be worth at a minimum of $10 billion. It would cost double or triple that amount to replace, even if it were possible to do in the near term.

Service members who have applied for both religious accommodations and medical exemptions have been denied on religious grounds but approved on medical grounds, which have then started being reversed as Air Force Command directives keep moving the goalposts of what is required for a medical exemption. Recent directives from Command have said the Air Force will not accept diagnoses from board-certified civilian doctors without additional verification from military providers (not all of whom are physicians).

Many military medical providers have already shown themselves hostile to anyone who has not given in to the coercion to be vaccinated. Service members describe the extreme hostility they encounter toward service members of faith, in blatant unconstitutional discrimination against those with deeply held personal religious beliefs that prevent the use of these experimental COVID shots that are developed involving the use of aborted fetal stem cells.

In this interview with physician host DrLee4America, three courageous military pilots, at significant risk, speak out to talk about the medical damage to pilots with the illegal DoD vaccine mandates, the purge of Air Force pilots who request medical or religious exemptions from the experimental EUA Covid shots, and Air Force Command actions that trample on the human and civil rights guaranteed under the US Constitution our military takes an oath to defend.

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