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A Health Catastrophe, Dioxin Burning in Ohio and Florida, Could Impact a Third of the Country

Dioxin’s damage to the health of humans and all wildlife has been known for more than 70 years to the US Government, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US military, and many physicians and scientists. Dioxin is one of the most toxic chemical compounds known, and results from the burning of chemicals such as vinyl chloride and plastics (also referred to as “vinyl” of PCV).

Pound for pound, or molecule for molecule, Dioxin is more toxic than Botulin toxin, and more toxic than most military “nerve gases” used as weapons of war. Dioxin is a potent carcinogen and major endocrine (hormonal) toxin, and perhaps best known as the most toxic contaminant in the “Agent Orange” defoliant used in the Vietnam War that resulted in the devastating long-term health damage and cancers in our military.

The fact that government leaders are not disclosing Dioxin as a major contaminant from the burning of vinyl chloride in the Ohio train disaster and the dioxin contamination from burning plastic in the Florida fire near Disney World on February 16th is a health catastrophe waiting to happen.

DrLee4America, speaking as a physician who has researched this topic and published the health dangers of Dioxin to women’s health 20 years ago, discusses the dangers to residents in Eastern Ohio and Florida exposed to the toxic plumes containing Dioxin and other toxic chemicals. The plumes containing Dioxin from the burning in OH and FL will spread widely beyond those local areas, causing contamination of soil, water, and air and leading to damage to wildlife and humans that could affect as much as a third of the entire country

Other dioxin disasters have been forgotten ⏤ Love Canal in Niagara Falls, NY, and the town of Times Beach Missouri — but both resulted in complete closures of both areas for human inhabitation, contrary to the advice federal and state officials are giving residents of East Palestine now.

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