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Injured by the COVID shot? These are the ‘real treatments’

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD is on a mission to spread medical truth about COVID-19, the jab, and early treatments. She points out that people who’ve experienced vaccine injuries should “not suffer in silence.”

Injured by the COVID shot? These are the ‘real treatments’ (lifesitenews.com)

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  1. Jeffrey Dorris says:

    Yes I have experienced migraines vertigo, pins & needles in extremities. I have been to 2 ENTs, 2 Neurologists and had 3 MRIs. No diagnoses with exception to moderate significant white matter disease. No idea how long it has been there.

  2. sheila howes says:

    My brother passed away 8 weeks ago a very painful sudden and traumatic death..He had Astra Zenica shot developed a cough ..he had a blood clotting history and was on blood thinners.After 4 weeks with the cough he went back to GP who gave him his 2nd shot he was told he had lung cancer. He developed mesenteric ischemia immediately was airlifted to main hospital and suffered immensely for 3 days his bowel ruptured during the flight and his body was full of blood clots.I called his GP shortly after and he thought he died of lung cancer.I have his medical records .When I told the GP that I had the death certificate and the cause of death and asked why he had been vaccinated with his blood clotting history the GP told me he could not discuss any more with me.I wanted the GP to be more careful in who he prescribes these vaccines to.I am obviously very disturbed by all this as “Do no harm” seems an absolute farce.

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