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Communism and COVID: The Same Coin of Tyranny

DrLee4America describes her personal experience in the Soviet Union in 1974 under Communism and the parallels with COVID tyranny in America and the world since 2020. Communism control and COVID control are, in effect, two sides of the same coin of tyranny.

Listen to the first-hand experience of a young small-town American woman’s first experience with tyrannical oppression and control in a Communist country. Shocking and chilling experiences in the USSR were so alien to her life experience growing up in America that the memories of palpable oppression, fear on the faces of people, and total lack of any freedom to decide any aspect of life that she witnessed had shaped a lifetime of commitment to defending liberty and life as gifts of our Creators.

The last three years of COVID pandemic tyranny with illegal mandates for EUA masks, testing, the closing of businesses, government-controlled narratives, media censorship of alternate views and truthful information, closing of churches, trampling of patient rights in hospitals, government incentive payments for the hospital “death protocols” killing over 300,000 Americans, the forced/coerced vaccination of the public and firing people for failing to take an experimental COVID shot — all are the same weaponization of government as GOD control tactics used to oppress people in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe under the Soviets, Communist China, and every other totalitarian government in the history of man. 

For our host today, these early experiences in Soviet Russia in 1974, 1975, and in the Communist countries of Eastern Europe in 1979, and later Marxist Argentina, all have shaped her unwavering fight to preserve freedom on all fronts and help preserve the Constitutional Republic form of government divinely inspired by God guiding the founding principles of the greatest Nation in the history of the world.   

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